Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sock Ugh!

Ok... first look at this picture... isn't that a lovely short-row heel? It's very pretty and I am very proud of it.
Next, look at this... yep, you got it, a flappy toe. For some reason, I didn't try on the sock before starting the heel flap, or any time near the heel flap, I just happily stockinette'd round and round... the result... an inch toe flap (or if I put the toe on correctly, a heel in the back of my ankle).

So lastly and sadly, here's my size 0 Addi being used as a lifeline. yep, LotusYarn is too yummy to not try again. Besides after the last sock disaster back in June, I'm determined to make a sock that fits!!

ETA a bit later - for the record, I successfully frogged and got the sock back where it belongs on the needles. Hopefully the next time I make a heel, it will be lined up with MY heel.



knitter in the desert said...

That was a lovely heel....

Nora said...

Hi Dragonfly - I'm a kindred Lake Effect knitter. Sorry about your sock. I'm hoping the Alterra meetup happens next week, because I couldn't do it yesterday.

Blogger never links to me, but I'm at

camillaknits said...

R.I.P. pretty heel. Actually, that meant that you were having a great time knitting the loverly yarn, and you got a 'practice heel' out of the deal, as well! Bravo!
Smart to run a lifeline. Stitches are bitches on 2mm needles, to pick up from a rip back, that is. Otherwise I *lurve* sts at 2mm. They're tiny and cute. Show us some sock, lady... happy re-knitting. Cami

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. The yarn really is yummy. And it will be so pretty when you're done!

Sara :)