Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas projects

Not many words but I can now post some of the Christmas projects!

Hat and scarf set for MojaveSis

Little Mallard Duck for my mom

Hat for good friend, Kissa (I had to try it on for pics)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lego customer service, great!

I just have to share this.... When we went to Chicago, we went to the Lego store. While there, son got this Power Miners set (combination early Christmas and his own money). Well, if you look at it you can see there is a rod in the middle that the mine cart travels on.

Son had opened the box to look at it but we didn't plan to build until the next day and in between that time, our cat chomped that single piece to bits. Son was totally crushed because it was an important piece. we managed to get it to sort of work but not quite.

So I went online and sent a message to Lego customer service explaining what happened and asking how to get a replacement. I didn't hear anything, but today the piece showed up in the mail with a very nice note, including a message saying that they hoped the cat was ok!!

I'm really impressed and had to share!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finished Object!

I finished something that I can actually share! This is for my grandmother for the holidays, the squares are approximately 12". She's tiny and it should be the perfect size for her to use while she's watching TV. Tigger's helping me show the size properly ;-)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chicago Trip

Well, let's see, even though I've been to the train station plenty of times, I got lost on the way there and couldn't even figure out how. On the way home I realized that they've completely ripped up the ramps which then made sense. I was never super lost because I could figure out where I was, just not how I got there. Anyway, we made the train but couldn't figure out why the parking lot was totally packed and then the train was packed too... took me a bit to realize that there was an awful lot of Badger red on the train. Apparently there was a game down in Evanstown. This was the only trip where I've seen standing room only on the Metra.

Anyway, we got there, I knit part of a sock on the way down. We saw the Christmas windows at Marshall Fields (ok, Macy's but I just can't get used to that). They were better this year, the last couple years Macy's hadn't done as well as the old windows. This one was a cute poem about how Santa and the elves use the power of Belief to collect and answer all the letters to Santa that are sent from around the world.

We had thought of going to Navy Pier to see a Yu-gi-oh Regional Tournament but we got started later than we had planned and decided against it by the time we got there. As usual the Lego store was good, but packed with people and hot. (I don't know what it is but it's ALWAYS hot there) But now we have some Legos and tomorrow will be Lego Pajama day.

Somehow on the way back to the train, I ended up on the lower streets which was a little frustrating as I kept looking up going "I want to be up THERE" but at least I always could tell where I was. We walked really fast to catch the train but got there fine. On the trip back we had to pick up some of those same Badger fans and the conductor on that trip was having fun with them. "anyone wearing red outerwear pays double today"

Over all it was a pleasant day. And the weather was great, I can't remember another trip that we didn't even have to wear coats!

Hope everyone has a good weekend - Dfly

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bizzy Chevy Socks

First, I finished these socks ages ago, back in August. I wore them the other day and it occurred to me that I never posted them as I was waiting for permission. These are again designed by the wonderfully sweet Shannon of Unwind Yarns. The pattern is called Bizzy Chevy Socks due to the Chevron stitch pattern. The yarn is also one of hers, called Shiraz in the "For the Boys" colorway. It’s wonderfully smooshy, these are one of my favorites to wear just for pure comfort.

The pattern is well-written and the stitch pattern is simple to follow, I actually knit on these during last season’s Stitch N Pitch game. I do think that the pooling of this particular pair wasn’t quite what I wanted, I love the look right around the ankle where the color repeats are shorter where you can see more of the zigzag effect, but that's a property of this colorway. I will definitely be using the pattern again with some self-striping yarn or a yarn that has shorter color bits that maybe won't pool.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Conversations with Myself

Wow, last time I blogged was September, I really should blog, it’s been a long time. What can I blog about? Well there’s… no, wait that’s a little personal to put public. OH, I made a… but that’s a Christmas present and so-and-so actually looks at my blog. Oh, I did … well that’s a little embarrassing… Oh I knit a… crap another Christmas present.

That conversation has been going around and around my head for awhile and yet I feel like I have nothing to share... So what does that leave?
  1. I’m working on some Christmas presents and you’ll see them after the holidays.
  2. Things at the new condo are still really good, I think this is one of the best decisions I’ve made
  3. We’re happy, healthy and of sound mind. (well as much as we ever are)
  4. I’m going to try to get healthier so I’ve joined WW just recently. Normally I hide this but maybe doing it “publicly” will be good incentive.
  5. Now that AJ’s a bit older, he’s spending more time with his friends which means I get some more time to see mine which is making a happier me.
  6. Work is still going really well, I had a good review recently and I’m still loving this job. (another one of the best decisions I’ve ever made)

So, not to leave it totally empty, here’s a picture of some afghan squares. They are approximately 12” squares. (putting them next to each other, I see that one of them may have to be redone) I need 12 of them to make a lap sized blanket for my grandmother to use while she watches TV. (she’s a very tiny woman, so 3x4 will be plenty)

I will post again soon as I have some test knit socks to share with you. Until then, happy crafting!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Day in Pictures

New artwork for the living room found at HomeGoods for a reasonable price.

While there, son found this and said that I had to bring it home.

Built this with son in the afternoon

He did this too and I just found it funny...

Friday, September 25, 2009

LYS Hunting...

Ok, not really hunting, I knew where they were...

I took today off for no reason except that I can and wanted a brain break. Decided that since my son was in school all day, I'd do something for me. I went to Google Maps and typed in "yarn shops, wisconsin" and then picked a path and went to four shops that I've never been too.

First, The Shaggy Sheep in Manitowoc. Here I had the best luck to be there when the UPS man came with a single box, a box that contained the new Cat Bordhi sock knitting book, Personal Footprints. The woman behind the counter was wonderful. Even though I was never there before, she grabbed a chair and asked me to sit and chat. I wish I had her name.

Next I went to Magpie's Cottage in Sheboygan Falls. Here I met Kim who gave me a full tour of the cottage and told me about all the different yarns they carry. It's a very cute little store that also has fabrics and beads. Kim was definitely all about having people pet the yarn!

Grafton Yarn Store was next. I've heard good things of this one but it's a bit out of my way so I've never been. I wish I was closer because the women here were helpful to each other and chatty and it's big, open and beautiful. It's location is very pretty too.

The Knitting Knook was the last of the day and was by far the busiest of the lot. It used to be French Knots II but I never visited before today. The women here were friendly and laughing about how little actual knitting they were getting done but you could tell they were having fun.

Here's the picture of the loot of the day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Circular Shawl

There has been so much going on (and most of it not what I want to blog about) that I haven't had time to post and lately not as much time to knit either. But I did want to post an update on the circular shawl. This picture is the completion of charts A-D, it will look better when it's blocked, but it's pretty and coming along. I'm actually one repeat into chart E (out of 8) but I don't have that pictured yet. Now that the rounds are over 500 stitches, it takes longer to make significant progress so I just knit a bit whenever I've got a bit of time and try not to think about it too much.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I finished a scarf already!

I now understand why my mom comments that crochet is faster than knitting. I took the crochet 101 class on Thursday, started this scarf Friday and finished it Saturday. Seriously!

Today I updated my drawer pulls. Not the most exciting thing in the world but those ancient ones have been bugging me for years, I just never did anything about it.

Old pulls with funky corn motif

New pulls simple lines

Also, in case anyone was wondering, here is where the dragonfly ended up.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Dragonfly...

Mom found this guy on her windshield of all places. Son got it off and sort of as a joke, they framed it as a housewarming present. But it's a nice job with a glass shadowbox, signed and dated on the back. I put the quarter so you can see the size!

Kitty favorite spots...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So What Am I Working On?

Even with moving, I have been working on some things...

This is a star-ball for kids. It's supposed to be a surprise for someone at work that just recently had a baby girl. I've been ignoring it lately as I have a bit of startitis since I moved to the new place. New places need new knitting apparently.

This guy will eventually be a monkey. It's part of a kid's "learn to knit" kit and when I wanted something sort of quick after long days, it was a good choice. Eventually he'll even get arms...

Today I went to a beginning crochet class at Loop Yarn Shop. The part in the image below the hook is what I did in class (single, double, triple and half-double). Above the hook is where I used the book to figure out how to increase in each stitch and then do a shell stitch.

Last but definitely not least is my first circular shawl (this will meet 2009 Yarnie Resolution #5!). I'm a bit further along than this but I didn't take a new picture because it needs to be stretched out to see it properly. The pattern is Exonumist's Circular Shawl by Wendy Johnson and can be purchased off her website or in Ravelry. (You should follow links just to see the pretty pictures).

There's also a pair of cuff-down socks, but again they are a secret for now. But I'm done with one and almost done with the leg of the second.

Happy Knitting (and Crocheting)! - Dfly

Monday, August 3, 2009

Condo Pictures, Finally!

It seems like every time I was going to take pictures, stuff has been in a state of disarray or it's too dark to take any that are good. So I'm going to just post what I have with some explanations.

The main living area is kitchen, living room and "office" altogether. Please ignore the boxes, there's a section of this area is still the dumping ground. The bar stools are a big plus, the ones that were here were really gross. These at least are cute! The flower pictures are some of the ones that I took earlier this year. The fuzzy thing on the couch is a car seat cover that my dad used to use but doesn't fit his new car and the cats love it.

My son's room is really big but you can't really tell that here. But you can see the bed. He used to have a bunk bed, the top bunk didn't have a mattress, just a piece of wood. (it had one once upon a time, long story). He used that wood piece to build Legos or armies. My dad and I took that wood, along with some 4x4's and made a table for him to do that. (and apparently they've migrated to the desk too!) The hammock chair was a surprise for him too, we hung that together.

Pictures from my room. My dad helped me hang the floating shelves. The bedspread I've had for awhile and I've loved how well it matches my new red walls. Tigger is a happy kitty.

This is one of my quiet spots, the balcony in my bedroom. From it I can see my little tiny front yard and at night it gets very pretty sunsets. (I know the picture is blurry, but you can get the idea)

Here is my favorite spot in the place, my quiet corner, my knitting corner. The cabinet is a media cabinet I bought for storing yarn. With glass doors so dust won't get to the yarn. The picture above the cabinet is a picture that MojaveSis took. It's a picture of a dragonfly. She framed it and mailed it as a housewarming gift. I'm amazed that the background color of the image. and the blue trim she gave it so perfectly match the colors in the bedroom.

You can see it's one of Tigger's favorite spots too!