Friday, January 18, 2008

Better sock and UPS fiasco (lots of pics)

Ok, I've been having the darndest time with UPS lately. First, I should say that being in an apartment with a locked main door means that getting packages is kind of hit and miss. Usually I have to wait for them to attempt delivery and then use the notification to re-route it to the local office.
Monday they were supposed to deliver a check to me from my last job. Next day air... no notification, I had to look online to find they attempted. Second day, Tuesday, also attempted, no notification again so I had to call and convince them to re-route it to the office for Same Day Will Call even without a notice because I needed it. Well they lost it, after looking for 40 minutes they found it and it was mangled but spendable.

Wednesday, Knit Picks order should arrive with two packages. Attempted delivery according to the website, no notification. This time I filed a complaint about the lack of notifications. Put it on Same Day Will Call.... well again, they were lost. Poor guy working spent an hour trying to track down all the trucks my packages were supposedly on and came up empty-handed so I went home the same way.

Thursday, they found my packages and I could pick them up... one box was fine, however THIS was not....

Yep, that's a damaged tube. It contained my lace blocking wires. Yep, they are damaged too and yes, that's a yard stick broken in pieces. *sigh* UPS has it reported and Knit Picks has a new set on the way.

Here's the amusing part... look at the last item in the list of contents....

yep, that's the tube they sent it in, I'm doubting its "sturdiness". *bigger sigh*

On the plus side I did get a bunch of goodies delivered that were not damaged! 40" circular needles for socks to be able to do Magic Loop and hopefully 2-at-a-time Magic Loop. The larger size tips for the Options interchangeable set, some longer cables for the Options set, a yarn meter because I fell in love with Cami's for dividing yarn. (and it's very likely that I will spend a good portion of the weekend dividing yarn because it sounds fun) . Oh and then just zippered pockets for the Options binder and a needle gauge because it goes down to size 0 and my other one doesn't.

Plus, I got some more lovely sock yarn. I'm addicted to the stuff and I haven't even completed a sock yet that fits. Felici in Arugula (green multi), Essential in Peacock (purple/turquoise) and Meadow (green/pink/black). Look at links to website for better colors. My picture is not good for color.

And here's the sock... Look, it has a heel that fits and a toe that fits... at the same time!

not sure if you can see but there's actually another decrease line, when I picked up 6 stiches to close up the join (3 per side), I decided to use the increased number of stitches to help with the high instep I have. It seems to be fitting so far. Need to go roundy-roundy on it a bit more to know for sure how it's doing but so far so good!

here's a picture of son and kitty. He was using Tiger as a barbell and Tiger totally didn't care. Picture turned out a funky blue color so I changed it to b&w as that was less annoying to me.

That's all! Hoping for a weekend of knitting!


Chelsea said...

Can you have your UPS packages delivered to work? That's what a lot of people I work with do.

Nice socks! I also have a high instep and I found it is easier to get socks with heel flaps to fit.

LotusKnits said...

The sock looks great! Love all the new yarn too. Sorry about your shipment though, that sucks. I agree with Chelsea...see if you can get it delivered to work!

camillaknits said...

Hey, cool new toys! It sucks that UPS was so hard on your new gear, but you have at least some of it to play with. The socks are turning out well, huh? I agree with Chelsea... you already know if you're doing a flap heel you just work more rows to accommodate the higher instep. I also just watched on my Lucy Neatby DVD (socks 2) that she does short rows over 60% of the total stitches, rather than just half, for a deeper heel. Maybe you give that one a go next time. And you are correct- sock yarn does NOT count as stash. You make me proud, Grasshopper. C