Thursday, January 3, 2008

I didn't want to work that hard...

My last two days at work have been totally swamped so in the evening, very tired and not posting. I did want to post a link to BugKnits, this woman is crazy! Also not knit-related but fun link... What We Drove turn on speakers for the fun 50's/60's car music. (warning, it's a few minutes long)

Also posting a picture of the stash I picked up at Cami's. The sock is actually on LotusYarn previously purchased from Lotus's Etsy Store but since Cami divided it and showed me how to knit toe-up, it's here! I want to post lots but I have to say that I keep telling everyone that visiting was the best, most relaxing mini-vacation I've had in ages. I'm just sorry the kids got sick.

Cami posted a picture of wine and wine cozy I made for her, but here's an upright one ;-)

Have to head to bed. Tomorrow is my last day and when it hits me, I'm going to be a sobbing mess. No mascara for me!

Night! - DFly


LotusKnits said...

Hope your last day is going ok! *hugs*

camillaknits said...

Just be sure to take your camera with you to Ruhama's when you get to Whitefish Bay... and a Kopp's burger (with everything on it, of course) and chocolate frozen custard would help take the sting out, too. The kids are taking the strep-thing in stride, though I wish at least one of the meds would make them sleepy... *dammit*
doc's office is calling meds in for me too, since I can. not. be. sick. Quilting classes start tomorrow (yay)and I'll have to talk a lot (like that's ever a problem!) hope your last day went well! Cami

Suna said...

Thinking of you on your last day, during a day with two interviews hoping for a first day, soon!

I like your friend's suggestion of chocolate custard, or at least ice cream if the "real stuff" isn't available.