Friday, January 4, 2008

I can't believe they kicked me out....

I had my exit interview earlier today and officially left work when I went to lunch and didn't go back. Lunch was wonderful, people from various projects that I've been close to came and I got to say good-bye and there were hugs all around. I held it together through that, opened a card a friend secretly stashed and inside it had a silly joke, one that I had given her a couple years ago when things were sucky.... and that silly joke is what made me lose it and cry, sitting by myself in my car. Then I was ok again but just a little bit ago, I tried to check my work email (I'm obsessive) and it turns out that I'm already kicked out... I can't believe they kicked me out already! And now I'm teary again because that means I'm really really done....

In other news, son is sick. He was fine but tired, he fell asleep reading at the foot of my bed and he's too big to move (and total dead weight when he sleeps). Then at 3am, I couldn't sleep thinking about last day and new job so i went to another room and suddenly I hear "Mom..." He threw up, all over himself and my bed. UGH, EW, YUCK! I know I'm supposed to be a mom, but I don't deal well with kid puke. He spent almost 12 hours running back and forth to bathroom being sick even when nothing was left to be sick with. Thank god Sis is still here, she took on puke-boy duties so that I could go to work and have my last day lunch. I owe her big time! Luckily whatever it is or was, he is making a speedy recovery, but it's messing up weekend plans.

When not monitoring barf and such, she's made awesome progress on her sock, check out her blog to see a real sock heel! And I know that right now she's working on the cuff so hopefully she'll blog that soon.

So far no Ruhama's because of work schedule, we were going to go today except for son being sick. We'll see if we can go tomorrow but it depends on health all around.

It's been a topsy turvy day full of emotions and I'm drained. heading to bed very soon.


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