Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yarn Shopping!

We were supposed to go to TransSiberian Orchestra today but our mom can't chance getting sick so we couldn't join her. Hoping she enjoyed it with Dad!

Sis is still in town and disappointed about not going to the concert. The concert is why she's not back in the desert yet. So since PukeBoy was significantly better today we spent the day shopping for yarn and then taking pictures of yarn and then putting that yarn into Ravelry and then trying to find patterns to go with said yarn. This made the extra weekend here feel more worthwhile than just sitting in my apartment.

We forgot to take the camera with us so I only have pictures of what I bought.

First went to the new location for the Loop Yarn Shop. I have to say that even though it's further away, I love the new store! It's bright and cheery, there's plenty of room to walk around (the old location was full if there were more than two people browsing). Plus it's in the same building as Alterra coffee which means if I lived closer, I would spend my free time there!

Here's my stash for the Loop. The book is 2-At-A-Time Socks because now that I know how to use the long circular for one sock, two socks will be next. (although I haven't had much knitting time with heading back to work and dealing with puke boy and not sleeping so mine is pretty much the same as it was at Cami's). Anyway, I also got a couple chunky skeins to make a very quick hat and scarf. They are Misti Alpaca, one solid dark green and the other one handpainted granite. Also Austermann Step striping sock yarn because although I've yet to use self-striping yarn, I'm incredibly fascinated by the idea.

We also went to Ruhama's but I only bought this Grignasco alpaca there. There was so much that was beautiful but I had trouble finding stuff that was beautiful, allergy friendly and in my price range. I saw some things that were super soft and wonderful but if they cost more than $20 a skein/hank/ball, I just can't buy it for stash, I need a project. That's just me. But I'm thinking of using this for wrist warmers.

Well, I've spent almost the whole day fondling yarn but not knitting and now it's almost bed time... oh well, lots to knit with tomorrow and I've got so many projects in mind that I'm going to have to be careful I don't have a mess of UFOs! (un-finished objects)


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