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  • 3 Stitches - Michelle and her two college attending daughters, Lindy and Kathryn. To keep in touch with each other and us, each one does an episode a week (three total per week). Because they are doing three a week, they keep them shorter. Very sweet group!!
  • 90% Knitting - Lisa of Fibernymph Dyeworks, knits, spins and dyes.  (the other 10% is for life)
  • A Spinner's Whirled - Ashley and Dori, friends who focus on spinning and handspun projects
  • Dramatic Knits - Led primarily by Steve but frequently co-hosted by Callie. Steve is a high school teacher and theatre coach so the podcast has a theatre theme. 
  • Fiberista Files - Heather of Highland Handmades, shows progress and talks about the dying process.  Sometimes cross records with Katie of Knittin' on the Fly.
  • His & Hers - Melissa of Keegan Lane Yarns and her husband Sean share their progress.  Hers is knitting, his is video games.  They are a fun couple to watch
  • Knittin' On the Fly - Katie is a pilot so her podcast is flight themed.  She talks about life in general, travel and of course knitting when she can fit it in.  She frequently co-records with Heather of Fiberista Files.  
  • Knitting Blooms - Tina is an avid knitter.  She's generous, friendly and calm.  Tons of kitties and wait until you see her stash behind her (it's so colorful, it's like artwork).
  • Let's Knit2gether - This is no longer active but it was one of the first really well done video podcasts and it's worth going back and visiting old episodes.
  • Exchange Student in Fiberland - Marigayle started this as a new knitter who felt like a stranger in a strange land learning a new language while figuring out how to knit.  Not on a regular schedule but she's very sweet and I smile when I see an update come through.
  • Mommy Needs Yarn - Erin is a loving mom, college student and works.  Old episodes are worth a look and include reviews of non-knitting books for kids and herself.   Currently on a bit of hiatus but I keep her feed live.
  • Pauly Knits Podcast - Paul is a hairdresser, knitter and spinner.  He's always enthusiastic about what he's doing.  
  • Rainlover Knits -  ★ ★ ★ Sarah is a sweet person, records approximately bi-weekly.  My favorite memory is getting a huge hug from her at Stitches Midwest 2011.   ★ ★ ★  (she knows why she has stars)
  • Round the Twist - Carin is one of the earliest video podcasts.  She keeps on topic so sometimes they are short, but she's a self-professed geek who makes great knitting progress.
  • Sweaters for Dragons - Eric is a male knitter with an awesome voice.  He used to have an audio podcast and then went to video.  He's currently on hiatus as he focuses on school.  I'm waiting for him to decide to come back!
  • The Fat Squirrel Speaks - Amy Beth is hyper and excitable and enthusiastic and highly caffeinated.  I cannot watch this without laughing aloud.  But she's also a fabulous knitter, informative and supportive.  She reminds us to recognize the wonderful little things that we are grateful for
  • The Knit Girllls - Laura (Lala) and Leslie are probably the baseline all other video podcasts are compared to.  They are great friends with a huge knitting community.  They are still amazed sometimes that other people know them.
  • This Knits in the Bag - Audrey is a mom, cute, sweet and community actress.  Podcasts when she can.  (She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn)
  • Twisted Strands - Jadee is real, lively, raucous, crass and often times explicit.  She tells it like it is, frequently with a "sponsor" beer in hand.  She makes progress, she tries new things (including horseback riding!) and is a fun watch.
  • Willowfairy Knits - Helena from down under.  She's from Australia, has a lovely accent, a fabulous hubby who plays along sometimes.  I first met her as a viewer/winner to an early contest I held and I wish she was closer cuz I want to sit and knit with her!