Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring shows up in many ways!

The first Spring sock is complete (and the second one is on its way)

I took a picture of the flowering tree in front of our future place because I was so excited to have one.

Later, son and I went wandering all over local parks while I took lots of floral pictures. I took LOTS and of course only some came out properly, but of those I liked I had Walgreen's print out 8x10's. I'm going to try to find some decent cheap frames for them and use them as art work in the new place.

Condo Update: Inspection went well. There was one small concern with furnace so I had the heating/cooling guy come out. Turns out that what we thought might be a cracked secondary heat exchange was really just caused by a loose screw. But now the furnace and A/C have been serviced so I don't need to worry about them. Cheap peace of mind. Now I'm just waiting to meet with the bank tomorrow to lock in a rate.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Socks & short condo update

Both socks featured today are knit with Keegan Lane Yarns, both from the "A Club for All Seasons". The first finished socks are done with the Winter colorway, a color with inspiration from bluebirds. I don't think I ever posted on here but some know that I was originally depressed at the first sock not fitting. Luckily, a good wet block on the sock blockers and they fit! (still a little tight to get on over the heel but comfy after they are on)

The one in progress is from the Spring colorway and I'm loving the way it's coming out. I started it last weekend and it's already further than this picture. (the bottom picture is from the weekend when I sat in the park amongst the dandelions knitting happily and quietly)

The condo is going very well so far. There was quite a back and forth fiasco with another one that I never bothered posting about because it was going up and down so fast that I couldn't keep up and it was frustrating. This one has been smooth sailing so far. Son and I both love it, the inspection has gone well. Working on financing right now but not anticipating any troubles. In theory, I should be closing and moving in July, so spending some time packing already. Here's a picture of my favorite spot in my bedroom... it looks like the perfect spot to sit, knit, read or whatever...

Side note: I just added a widget for Plurking after an invite from the other Dragonfly-Vicki. I haven't done twitter or plurk but it seems to be the thing to do these days for quick updates.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not-So-Secret Sliptastic Socks

I'll post more info on the accepted condo offer soon but I want to share this today.

Shannon of Unwind Yarns, whom I've spoken of before, asked me to test knit a sock pattern for her. After some technical review and then knitting, her pattern is in good shape, she'll be ready to sell it soon. That means, I now have permission to share my socks!

The pattern is called Sliptastic Socks, when she's ready, it will get added to Ravelry with purchasing information but in the meantime, if anyone is interested, you can let me know and I'll put you in touch with Shannon.

These socks are pretty and comfy and super stretchy. They would make perfect first socks because they will form around various widths. They’d also make great gift socks when you don’t have the receiver’s foot handy!

The yarn is Unwind Yarns Shiraz, also by Shannon. When she sent it to me to test knit with she said it didn't have a name, it was the "luck of the pot" which sounds like a great name to me.

I'm really surprised how similar these turned out, I didn't do anything to make them match up. -DFly

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Look at the sign...

I know it's totally grainy but the words on top say Accepted Offer! and why do they say that? Well.... because I offered. I got one!!

I know I've been quiet lately but there's been a ton to do with work, son school and then this hunting business so I've just not been in a talking mood. But I'm sure you'll hear more from me, and get better pictures!