Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Knitty New Year!

This is a really boring post because I'm tired, so I have tons of wonderful things to tell you all and no energy to do it justice. But I have to do a new year's post. I promise to do a full Clementine special post tomorrow when I can give it the time and love it deserves!

Starting a toe-up sock thanks to Cami in yarn from LotusYarns. This actually will cover my first new year's resolution of tackling socks again. I realize that I totally missed most of my resolutions from last year so I'm thinking I need to re-evaluate what's really important to me this time around.

Finishing the existing job this week. About 2-1/2 days of work (short Friday). Monday I start the new one. Spent the whole evening picking benefits and filling out forms. Too many health care choices, crossing my fingers that I picked the "right" one.

Off to sleep, unfortunately, after late nights, tomorrow is back to getting up early and going to work!

Night to all, better stuff tomorrow!


1 comment:

Chelsea said...

I wish you good luck on your first day!

If you have any questions on the socks I may be able to help.