Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shawl update

Short post, I'm just past the 6th repeat so it's now 19" high and about 32" wide. guessing a bit on that, now that it's bigger than the circular needle I can't stretch it out to measure.

Week ended better than it was going. Found several people at work that would be willing to have me work with them. So I have options (apparently I leave a decent impression, so glad!) Then Mojave Sis found out after a lot of stress and worry that bringing Tiger with her Thursday shouldnt' be a problem. Yay!! Then yesterday evening, went to a small party for work while son was staying overnight at a friend's. Then went out with a good friend for mini-golf and a movie. Aside from his flat tire (which I think is due to him associating with me in my weird luck streak) we had a good time. the evening was exactly what I needed too after the stressful week.

Today I used hours while son was still with friend, I knitted the knucks. Got fingers complete and part of the had, up to adding the thumb. And this time they seem to be the right size!! I've taken pictures along the way, so I'll email them to people that want to see when I get a glove complete. I'll have a couple hours Monday and Wednesday to make some more progress on them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rough week continues... and shawl update

The car issues continue. Monday (was that only yesterday?) the car would start but would not go. Had to have it towed to another mechanic that specializes in imports. Yesterday they could not work on it. Today they looked at it and it turns out that my ignition coil and whatever module it's attached to has been damaged. It needs those replaced and the plugs & wires. $800 later and that part is repaired enough that my car can run, so that tomorrow they can figure out why my battery has been dying. not really having $800 lying around, I have a very good friend to thank for a loan. If you are reading this, you know who you are, and I am forever grateful!!!

New job issues appeared on Friday. The project I was on has been postponed. It is believed it is a good project but needs to be delayed while other things are concentrated on. This means that those of us on the project have to find positions within the company. Everyone will have a job and there will be no salary changes so that part is good, but it's a little weird being in flux for the moment. However this means that in a few weeks, I may no longer be an erpbeepa which makes me a bit sad.

Knucks.... well, I would love to say that they at least were going well. However after having the first one almost complete I noticed it didn't look quite right. Turns out that I never checked my gauge and it was too small. So I ripped it out and I haven't had a chance to restart it. (they are done in secret and I've been missing my secret time).

Shawl, finally good news! It's progressing nicely, I'm on the 5th repeat. I believe I will need 10 repeats so in a sense, I'm halfway. It's about 15" high and about 26" wide at the top.

Oh, and the shawl is on the couch and you can get a much better visual of the couch color. It really is tan! I need to find a better background for the shawl though, you can't see the diamonds very well.

Happy knitting, hope your days are smoother than mine! -Dfly

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rough day

I wanted to post today in detail about the knucks, the shawl and our new buildable couch. Instead, today kind of sucked. Some parts were good but it started with waking to a leg cramp, continued with my cup holder breaking and dumping entire latte all over the car and ending with my car dying and needing to call a tow truck for rescue. Plus we dropped off car at mechanic and walked home. (not bad, about 15 minutes). Tired, crabby, sweaty and generally in a bad mood at the moment. And the walk home made the leg hurt again.

So briefly.... first knuck (fingerless glove) is going really well for working on it in secret. I think it will be done in another 4 hours or so. Second one should be lots faster because I won't be fighting to figure out what a few of the directions mean. (not bad at all, just hard looking up questions on a blackberry in the parking lot of the strip mall).

Shawl is going pretty well, I'm on the 4th repeat of the pattern. (total of 10 repeats, every other row increases). Mostly been working on the gloves when I have time to knit because I need to do them in secret while I still have opportunities.

we got a really neat buildable couch from Home Reserve. Attaching two pictures. You get the wood pieces, build them together, kind of like a puzzle. Then you get the cushions and fabric. We got the pet fabric because it was the most durable. Picture looks blue but it's really a very tan couch. I blame the lighting at 11pm. (we built into the night on Monday)

Hoping Cami's first day went great! Looking forward to future offerings from Lotus which may include cotton (crossing my fingers, so excited!). Hoping Kelly had an awesome day, she knows why ;-)
Generally hoping everyone else's day went lots better than mine!! - Dfly

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Small post

When knitting the knucks, you knit each finger individually first. As I finished the last one, I realized to my dismay that after knitting the thumb, I proceeded to knit the fingers all one size smaller than they were supposed to be. I was so mad at myself! I was having a frustrated day anyway so I took it harder than normal. A good friend though reminded me that knitting angry would put bad vibes in son's Christmas present and I needed to calm down. So after realizing that the thumb was ok, one of the fingers was actually the right side to be a pinky... I had to re-knit three of them. That's what I have done now. (trying to knit in secret in little apartment, is not easy!!)

Eventually, I'll email pictures. I don't want to post the knucks because I'm worried that son will see and figure it out. He won't read the blog, but pictures catch his attention.

In other news, Tiger is having trouble getting home which makes me sad. Mojave Sis is working every angle she has but there are some issues with getting to the airport from her home. Apparently Greyhound, inappropriately named for a dog, does not allow animals on board and Greyhound was vital to the whole plan. We aren't sure what this means to our new addition yet, but it's not looking too good.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I said I wouldn't do it....

I've said before that I like to knit one project at a time and I can't see a time when I'll be knitting more than one item at a time. Well, the day has come and some people can say "I told you so" (*cough*Cami*cough*).

Ok, you know about the purple shawl seen below. 34 rows done on that (out of more than I want to think about, esp since they increase every other).

Anyway, son asked me to make him some fingerless gloves just like Ash on Pokemon. I'm using the knucks pattern from Knitty to make them for Christmas. Since I don't want him to see them, I have to knit in secret. So he sees the shawl, but not the gloves. I can't post pictures here because while he won't read the blog, if he sees pictures, he's going to ask questions! Anyway, I've got 4 fingers done in secret so far. And now that we are home, back to the shawl.

Happy Knitting - Dfly

Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's NOT a bikini!

Kelly pointed out that until she read the post below she thought the picture was of a knitted bikini. Figured I had better post picture of what I'm making. I worked some more on it today for a bit and got another 9 rows done. Part of me is saying to do one more row because 10 is a completed pattern set... but I've promised to turn off and read with son.
Also, finished HP7 earlier today so I'm ok with hearing opinions and comments now!
Happy Knitting - DFly

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Knitting again....

Haven't done much knitting lately because it's been 90+ degrees and too hot to think about shawls or gloves or anything like that. Today though I did start knitting a shawl. for my grandmother for Christmas. (Mom, if you are reading, don't let her know!)

It's a pattern from Lion Brand. Homespun Diamond Knit Shawl in Barrington. The color in my picture is more accurate than the Barrington picture on Lion Brand site. Purple with random yellow and turquoise running through. It's about 6" tall right now (just to give an idea of size)

In other news, we have updated pictures of Tiger the Kitten from Mojave Sis. We think he's a boy. Doesn't he have a pretty face? The kitties are still generally living under Sis' bed so that's the reason for the odd angle on the second one. She's got more pictures of the other kitties and Tiger playing, I'm guessing eventually she'll post.

Happy Knitting!


P.S. Working on HP7, on page 691 so getting close. Actually I'm so close that I almost don't want to finish because then it will be done. :-(

P.S.2 I keep meaning to post this link that Kelly passed on to me. Girl knits Ferrari...