Sunday, May 25, 2008


Monkeys (shorter legs and eye of partridge heel flap) First completed pair of cuff-down socks. Still prefer toe-up but I like how they turned out.

Those were done with the April Yarn Pirate Booty. Here is the May Booty.

Melly sent me homemade cards for the Pay It Forward homemade items. I will sometime send Mojave Sis and Apryl something that I make for them. I'm keeping them nicely wrapped, if you want to see the rest, Melly has them on her blog.

Julipbag - actually designed for spinning but I like as a slightly bigger project bag. Have it stocked with items for baby blanket

This one is a Piddly Bag from Piddleloop, they are really hard to get and I was glad to have one. This one worked really well for holding my yarn for the monkeys above because I was doing two at once, off one ball of yarn and this is the only bag I have where the yarn lies nicely flat to do that without too much tangle. Friends of P is a forum dedicated to Piddleloop on Ravelry and is just full of really fun people. The "mine" pin is from the Selfish Knitters group, also on Ravelry, who are dedicated to knitting for those that appreciate our time and effort, so ourselves or those that have been deemed knit-worthy. The girl is Veruca… named after the Veruca in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Felted dragonfly stitch markers from Jelby who set them aside just for me.

And lastly, cute kitties. Usually these two don't get along but I got a rare picture of them together, behaving nicely.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I know, I don't post for awhile and then I do a couple right in a row....
I woke up this morning to "Happy Mother's Day" and a bucket... Yep, that's two bags of Funyuns and NINE now & laters!!

Then in the afternoon we went to the zoo

Picture of mallard ducks for my mom. Happy Mother's Day Mom! (there are two, but the female really blends into the background)

Ok, we took the picture of the giraffes just to share our fascination that these really big creatures have really tiny poop.

Son with the lions although, it's mostly of the lions so you can barely see him.

Son has a great picture of this mom duck with her babies but he took it with the phone and I can't figure out how to get it off. (I tried emailing to myself and it went into cyberspace and disappeared)

edit: I originally posted complaining blogger wasn't letting me load pictures but I got it working and added a bunch more. Including my little figurine to remember this Mother's Day trip.


Edit: Almost an hour after I sent it... the ducks picture showed up from my phone to my email so here's the one that son took with the phone. I think he got the better shot. It's little though.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Random Photos

Normally I write the blog and then add the photos in to match. This time I have kind of a weird assortment so I'm going to put them in and offer brief explanations after each...

Tigger has decided that it's a great game to go on son's top bunk and then attack whomever is on the lower bunk. He sneaks around, pausing and then pops up on any random side to startle you. This is a pretty fun game actually and we are often lying on the lower bunk just to play with him.

I finished the skein of bulky alpaca that I was using to make a Mistake Rib scarf. It's way too short, however son has decided that he's in love with it so I bound it off and just let him have it. It was my "waiting room" project. The project I had with me just to have something to do when I had weird wait times because at only 19 stitches and an easy pattern, it was simple to just pick up and work and then quickly finish a row when I had to stop because, say, the nurse called my name. Son insisted on having the picture with the pokemon and puppy animals.

This yarn was sent by Cami from her shop, Clementine's Dry Goods. She made up kits for people to make the Modern Quilt Wrap. Normally this can be an expensive project to buy full skeins of yarn and you don't need that much. She split out yarn and made kits that are more reasonably priced.

Ok, this was a really rough week for son and I. Even the good stuff was stressful. There was a big art project with presentation at the art museum, an orchestra concert he was in, along with a rehearsal night, a science test... it was just a lot of stuff. Well as a result, he's been more than a little crabby (and I haven't been all that sweet either sometimes). The other night he came home and I couldn't do anything right. he shut himself in his room and later called me. he had made this pyramid thing (shaped after an image on the Indiana Jones M&Ms) and said he made it for me and wanted to apologize. I don't quite understand it, but I got a big hug and a calmer kid. he asked that I post it in the blog so here it is. And I appreciate the gesture, strange as it might have been *grin*

I've been looking at sock project bags and most of them are expensive (about $30) and I have trouble justifying it for a simple pouch. If I'm going to spend that much I want pretty specific requirements. These bags came from Stuck in Illinois at only $10 each including shipping. Perfect! They are cute, lined on the inside with a coordinating fabric. I've been carrying around the black skull one with my sock project, which leads to this last item...

These are simple 4x2 ribbed toe-up socks made out of my Flat Feet yarn. I like the way the colors are coming out and it's mindless enough that it's made for good knitting while meeting friends, waiting for a movie and waiting for son during orchestra activities this week. I'm actually a little further but I took the picture a couple nights ago.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and we are going to the zoo. However, I've been told to go hide in another room while my son prepares something for me tonight, so off I go. Maybe I'll start my other pair of not-so-mindless socks.
Happy Mother's Day to any moms (especially mine) and a good weekend to everyone else