Sunday, August 9, 2009

I finished a scarf already!

I now understand why my mom comments that crochet is faster than knitting. I took the crochet 101 class on Thursday, started this scarf Friday and finished it Saturday. Seriously!

Today I updated my drawer pulls. Not the most exciting thing in the world but those ancient ones have been bugging me for years, I just never did anything about it.

Old pulls with funky corn motif

New pulls simple lines

Also, in case anyone was wondering, here is where the dragonfly ended up.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Dragonfly...

Mom found this guy on her windshield of all places. Son got it off and sort of as a joke, they framed it as a housewarming present. But it's a nice job with a glass shadowbox, signed and dated on the back. I put the quarter so you can see the size!

Kitty favorite spots...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So What Am I Working On?

Even with moving, I have been working on some things...

This is a star-ball for kids. It's supposed to be a surprise for someone at work that just recently had a baby girl. I've been ignoring it lately as I have a bit of startitis since I moved to the new place. New places need new knitting apparently.

This guy will eventually be a monkey. It's part of a kid's "learn to knit" kit and when I wanted something sort of quick after long days, it was a good choice. Eventually he'll even get arms...

Today I went to a beginning crochet class at Loop Yarn Shop. The part in the image below the hook is what I did in class (single, double, triple and half-double). Above the hook is where I used the book to figure out how to increase in each stitch and then do a shell stitch.

Last but definitely not least is my first circular shawl (this will meet 2009 Yarnie Resolution #5!). I'm a bit further along than this but I didn't take a new picture because it needs to be stretched out to see it properly. The pattern is Exonumist's Circular Shawl by Wendy Johnson and can be purchased off her website or in Ravelry. (You should follow links just to see the pretty pictures).

There's also a pair of cuff-down socks, but again they are a secret for now. But I'm done with one and almost done with the leg of the second.

Happy Knitting (and Crocheting)! - Dfly

Monday, August 3, 2009

Condo Pictures, Finally!

It seems like every time I was going to take pictures, stuff has been in a state of disarray or it's too dark to take any that are good. So I'm going to just post what I have with some explanations.

The main living area is kitchen, living room and "office" altogether. Please ignore the boxes, there's a section of this area is still the dumping ground. The bar stools are a big plus, the ones that were here were really gross. These at least are cute! The flower pictures are some of the ones that I took earlier this year. The fuzzy thing on the couch is a car seat cover that my dad used to use but doesn't fit his new car and the cats love it.

My son's room is really big but you can't really tell that here. But you can see the bed. He used to have a bunk bed, the top bunk didn't have a mattress, just a piece of wood. (it had one once upon a time, long story). He used that wood piece to build Legos or armies. My dad and I took that wood, along with some 4x4's and made a table for him to do that. (and apparently they've migrated to the desk too!) The hammock chair was a surprise for him too, we hung that together.

Pictures from my room. My dad helped me hang the floating shelves. The bedspread I've had for awhile and I've loved how well it matches my new red walls. Tigger is a happy kitty.

This is one of my quiet spots, the balcony in my bedroom. From it I can see my little tiny front yard and at night it gets very pretty sunsets. (I know the picture is blurry, but you can get the idea)

Here is my favorite spot in the place, my quiet corner, my knitting corner. The cabinet is a media cabinet I bought for storing yarn. With glass doors so dust won't get to the yarn. The picture above the cabinet is a picture that MojaveSis took. It's a picture of a dragonfly. She framed it and mailed it as a housewarming gift. I'm amazed that the background color of the image. and the blue trim she gave it so perfectly match the colors in the bedroom.

You can see it's one of Tigger's favorite spots too!