Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Swap box arrived from Ravelry Book Club swap. Chinese theme to go with the book, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. The yarn is reminicent of cherry blossoms and I'm already more than half way through the book.

Son has new hair. It was only gelled for this one day but he's happy with it. I think it's his way of having something unique now that the tail is gone.

Spring Forward socks are just ready to start the heel, I changed pattern to toe-up. Thought I might do one today but then remembered about pesky things like paying bills.

Baby blanket (Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting) is coming along. I'm very happy with the join at the color change, both front and back look nice and neat. I need to finish these squares, I have another edge to do and then the border. I need to hurry up though since I know I have some time-bound projects coming up for Knitting Olympics and Traveling Scarf project at local yarn shop.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Birthday, and finally some knitting

I was able to see my friend, yay!! One of the things she brought me was the little doll here. (she gave me the larger one a few years back) The little one is named "American Millie", her birthday is July 4th, just like me and she loves fireworks, ferris wheels and fireflies, also like me.

From son, with help from Grandma and MojaveSis, I got a Knit Picks gift certificate! I can't wait to go use that, there are books I've been eyeing and I love that new Essential Kettle Dye yarn.

Next, although my mom wasn't totally sure why I wanted it, I got this postage scale which I'm thrilled about. I've already used it to verify that I have more than half of a skein of yarn left after making socks (which I've always suspected since I like short socks) . And the scale has been used already to weigh the package below. It's for a swap partner, hope she likes it!

Now, I promised knitting update pictures so I've got the Moderne Baby Blanket, it has 4.5 more blocks to go. I've also started Knitty's Spring Forward socks except I'm doing them toe-up. The yarn is from Perfect Day Yarns and is named Whoops because it wasn't quite what was intended, I think it's really pretty and I'm happy with how it's coming out.

Well, it's almost the end of the weekend, so enjoy the new week!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little updates...

Nothing major here. I have been knitting and really should take pictures this coming weekend.

Yesterday was Stitch & Pitch and we had a really good time. Luckily we were sitting near people we know!!

Considering going to Stiches Midwest this year. I hadn't been but I've been hearing about it and I'm really intrigued. Anyone near by want to join me?

Here's a picture of Beezy with son. It's funny, for years she kept away from him because he was a growing wild little boy. Now she adores him and pushed her way to get into his lap and wouldn't leave it. I figure it's a sign he's turning out alright *grin*

This weekend I get to celebrate my birthday again, this time with parents and hopefully one of my best friends! (and give the dog a bath... yeah, they spoil me when I go home *laugh*)


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Birthday stuffs!

On MojaveSis's blog you can see presents she sent me as they were wrapped. The box came today and I got to unwrap with her on the phone.

  • Keegan Lane Yarn in "Mojitos & Margaritas" color

  • hand-dyed yarn that sis kool-aid dyed (it smells like kool-aid which means son and I keep sniffing it)

  • a sock pattern I've been wanting (if you look on Sis's blog, it's the Tendril Embrace she's been working on)

  • a Starbucks card which I immediately registered. (do you know you can get most of the "flavors" added for free if you use a registered card?)

  • a brand new, shrink wrapped first edition of The Stand (1990 "uncut" version, not 1978 original). She won it at a silent auction. She said she bid on it because she knew it was one of my favorite books.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Recently, my friend Apryl and I arranged to trade some yarn. I sent her some extra goodies with hers because I knew she would like them but she way outdid herself. Below, are the items from two packages that arrived today. The dark blue yarn in the upper left is Lotus Yarns Buddha and is what I was expecting for our trade. The rest is all Apyrl!

There is some red, white & blue Lorna's Laces sock yarn that I had been coveting in her stash. There is ocean blue Plymouth Yarn Rockin' Sox (it's color 006 but the color cards aren't posted yet). Last but not least, blue, purple, red, green Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet (color 16). You can also see my favorite candies, index cards for writing stitch patterns, PB2 peanut butter that she's been raving about, a very cute kitten card. (it says "act cute, here come the firemen!" "Great friends think alike"). She made the beautiful stitchmarkers below, green with dragonflies!

Son caught a lightening bug in the daylight and insisted on getting a picture so I could post it. So here's a bug..... (they are really pretty in the night time and Tigger loves trying to chase them up and down our picture window)

Here's a better picture in my opinion. Son and Tigger

If I don't blog again soon, Happy Fourth to everyone in the states!