Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Multiple Posts...

I have had stuff to post for several days so I'm going to pretend that I'm doing multiples here

A LYS locally closed recently and everything was 50% off. I went and bought a bunch of stuff and shipped half of it to Mojave Sis. She'll have to post pictures of what I sent, I didn't want to post anything before she saw it and never took pictures.

I got a couple chunky alpacas from Frog Tree. Very soft, one in multi-tone green and the other is the multi-color. If you look closely you can see Tiger's feet, he was helping with the picture taking.

The last item, some Patagonia Nature Cotton, handpainted, which wouldn't let me leave until I picked it up. I have 4 skeins so I'm thinking of making a tank-shell top that will work under blazers. There's a pattern in One Skein knits that I like.

I also received in the mail two skeins from LotusKnitter. The multicolor one is Hopeless Romantic and the multitone is Bloodflowers, which is even more gorgeous in person.

Cat Tree

I mentioned that since Tiger keeps sleeping in things that don't belong to him, I was ordering a cat tree. It arrived in pieces, son and I built together. Tiger was all over it before it was even built! Beezy likes it too but he spends more time in it and, I'm happy to say, he's figuring out that this is a better option to my castle or the cabin. (Look at that fluffy tail on him in that second picture!)

Well, at least I brought my knitting...

This past weekend I had severe abdominal pain. Sunday I was pretty much not mobile. Monday I attempted to go to work and decided I better go to the doctor. While there I had to wait for lab work and then they sent me to get a CT scan at the hospital. I had to wait at the hospital and then drink barium and wait for 1.5 hours before they could do the scan. On good side, the barium was the best tasting barium I've ever had. It reminded me of a pina colada from Orange Julius. I've had bad ones, this one was pleasant enough. Also I had the gentlest IV ever, I don't have bruises from IV or the blood work.

But best of all, I take my knitting everywhere so I had it with me and got a few inches of my second sock done. I had a lot of comments and met a very nice woman who I've now been trading emails with so the day was pleasant, even if I was hurting. She wants to learn how to make socks *grin* OH, and she loves the Lotus yarn, she made a photocopy of the ballband which I had with me! I have to say those, these tiny stitches may get admiration but I have figured that there are more stitches in a single sock than in son's concert sweater!

oh, and nothing major is wrong. I have a hiatal hernia and it seems to be acting up, but not enough to have surgery. so major doses of Nexium right now to stop the acid but I'm ok. Actually it was almost disappointing after all the pain and stress of waiting all day, but I'm glad it's not major. After a few doses, I am still sore, like a really bad sit-up session but I can walk which I couldn't do Sunday.

He's lucky he's cute!!

And that Knit Picks are inexpensive.... Do you see how the circular needle is actually in two pieces on the left where it should be connected? I left it alone for a bit, came back and it was like that. I have another one on order.

Ok, caught up! And one last picture to remind me of cuteness....



knitter in the desert said...

No pics til Sunday....going to be working late out in the field for the next four days (yep that includes Saturday) and once home I rather knit and especially after my day today....but more on that on Sunday

Chelsea said...

Yay for sock progress but sorry you weren't feeling well.

camillaknits said...

Who was the bum what et your needle?

camillaknits said...

And which lys went oob? Yarn Garden in Racine would make sense, but there aren't that many... who's missing?