Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Multiple Posts...

I have had stuff to post for several days so I'm going to pretend that I'm doing multiples here

A LYS locally closed recently and everything was 50% off. I went and bought a bunch of stuff and shipped half of it to Mojave Sis. She'll have to post pictures of what I sent, I didn't want to post anything before she saw it and never took pictures.

I got a couple chunky alpacas from Frog Tree. Very soft, one in multi-tone green and the other is the multi-color. If you look closely you can see Tiger's feet, he was helping with the picture taking.

The last item, some Patagonia Nature Cotton, handpainted, which wouldn't let me leave until I picked it up. I have 4 skeins so I'm thinking of making a tank-shell top that will work under blazers. There's a pattern in One Skein knits that I like.

I also received in the mail two skeins from LotusKnitter. The multicolor one is Hopeless Romantic and the multitone is Bloodflowers, which is even more gorgeous in person.

Cat Tree

I mentioned that since Tiger keeps sleeping in things that don't belong to him, I was ordering a cat tree. It arrived in pieces, son and I built together. Tiger was all over it before it was even built! Beezy likes it too but he spends more time in it and, I'm happy to say, he's figuring out that this is a better option to my castle or the cabin. (Look at that fluffy tail on him in that second picture!)

Well, at least I brought my knitting...

This past weekend I had severe abdominal pain. Sunday I was pretty much not mobile. Monday I attempted to go to work and decided I better go to the doctor. While there I had to wait for lab work and then they sent me to get a CT scan at the hospital. I had to wait at the hospital and then drink barium and wait for 1.5 hours before they could do the scan. On good side, the barium was the best tasting barium I've ever had. It reminded me of a pina colada from Orange Julius. I've had bad ones, this one was pleasant enough. Also I had the gentlest IV ever, I don't have bruises from IV or the blood work.

But best of all, I take my knitting everywhere so I had it with me and got a few inches of my second sock done. I had a lot of comments and met a very nice woman who I've now been trading emails with so the day was pleasant, even if I was hurting. She wants to learn how to make socks *grin* OH, and she loves the Lotus yarn, she made a photocopy of the ballband which I had with me! I have to say those, these tiny stitches may get admiration but I have figured that there are more stitches in a single sock than in son's concert sweater!

oh, and nothing major is wrong. I have a hiatal hernia and it seems to be acting up, but not enough to have surgery. so major doses of Nexium right now to stop the acid but I'm ok. Actually it was almost disappointing after all the pain and stress of waiting all day, but I'm glad it's not major. After a few doses, I am still sore, like a really bad sit-up session but I can walk which I couldn't do Sunday.

He's lucky he's cute!!

And that Knit Picks are inexpensive.... Do you see how the circular needle is actually in two pieces on the left where it should be connected? I left it alone for a bit, came back and it was like that. I have another one on order.

Ok, caught up! And one last picture to remind me of cuteness....


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finished Sock! (and kitties)

I finished one and it fits this time! I should cast on the other one right away except that I need to finish something else first, promised something to a friend as a thank you and I've been working on the sock instead. (I'll post more details after I've given it to her)
Here is Beezy showing off my new quilt. no, I didn't make it, it's from Overstock. It was to replace the one that was destroyed by puke boy. (a couple washings and that thing just had to go in the trash, there was no rescuing it even though Mojave Sis washed it right away).

Here is Tiger, he insists that son's log cabin is a nice kitty home. You can't see here but son has little stuffed animals (about 1-1/2 inches high) in the cabin on beds with swatch blankets. Tiger is quite convinced those are kitty toys and the cabin is just a kitty treasure box and constantly runs off with things. On the plus side, the cabin is a lot more sturdy than the plastic canvas castle.

Today though, I gave in and ordered a new kitty tree for them. It's got lots of levels and a couple kitty caves. Hopefully it will keep them both happy with enough room for them to both be on it, and the kitty cave should keep Tiger out of my stuff. That's the theory anyway!
Back to knitting!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Better sock and UPS fiasco (lots of pics)

Ok, I've been having the darndest time with UPS lately. First, I should say that being in an apartment with a locked main door means that getting packages is kind of hit and miss. Usually I have to wait for them to attempt delivery and then use the notification to re-route it to the local office.
Monday they were supposed to deliver a check to me from my last job. Next day air... no notification, I had to look online to find they attempted. Second day, Tuesday, also attempted, no notification again so I had to call and convince them to re-route it to the office for Same Day Will Call even without a notice because I needed it. Well they lost it, after looking for 40 minutes they found it and it was mangled but spendable.

Wednesday, Knit Picks order should arrive with two packages. Attempted delivery according to the website, no notification. This time I filed a complaint about the lack of notifications. Put it on Same Day Will Call.... well again, they were lost. Poor guy working spent an hour trying to track down all the trucks my packages were supposedly on and came up empty-handed so I went home the same way.

Thursday, they found my packages and I could pick them up... one box was fine, however THIS was not....

Yep, that's a damaged tube. It contained my lace blocking wires. Yep, they are damaged too and yes, that's a yard stick broken in pieces. *sigh* UPS has it reported and Knit Picks has a new set on the way.

Here's the amusing part... look at the last item in the list of contents....

yep, that's the tube they sent it in, I'm doubting its "sturdiness". *bigger sigh*

On the plus side I did get a bunch of goodies delivered that were not damaged! 40" circular needles for socks to be able to do Magic Loop and hopefully 2-at-a-time Magic Loop. The larger size tips for the Options interchangeable set, some longer cables for the Options set, a yarn meter because I fell in love with Cami's for dividing yarn. (and it's very likely that I will spend a good portion of the weekend dividing yarn because it sounds fun) . Oh and then just zippered pockets for the Options binder and a needle gauge because it goes down to size 0 and my other one doesn't.

Plus, I got some more lovely sock yarn. I'm addicted to the stuff and I haven't even completed a sock yet that fits. Felici in Arugula (green multi), Essential in Peacock (purple/turquoise) and Meadow (green/pink/black). Look at links to website for better colors. My picture is not good for color.

And here's the sock... Look, it has a heel that fits and a toe that fits... at the same time!

not sure if you can see but there's actually another decrease line, when I picked up 6 stiches to close up the join (3 per side), I decided to use the increased number of stitches to help with the high instep I have. It seems to be fitting so far. Need to go roundy-roundy on it a bit more to know for sure how it's doing but so far so good!

here's a picture of son and kitty. He was using Tiger as a barbell and Tiger totally didn't care. Picture turned out a funky blue color so I changed it to b&w as that was less annoying to me.

That's all! Hoping for a weekend of knitting!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sock Ugh!

Ok... first look at this picture... isn't that a lovely short-row heel? It's very pretty and I am very proud of it.
Next, look at this... yep, you got it, a flappy toe. For some reason, I didn't try on the sock before starting the heel flap, or any time near the heel flap, I just happily stockinette'd round and round... the result... an inch toe flap (or if I put the toe on correctly, a heel in the back of my ankle).

So lastly and sadly, here's my size 0 Addi being used as a lifeline. yep, LotusYarn is too yummy to not try again. Besides after the last sock disaster back in June, I'm determined to make a sock that fits!!

ETA a bit later - for the record, I successfully frogged and got the sock back where it belongs on the needles. Hopefully the next time I make a heel, it will be lined up with MY heel.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Late to blog and look at this!

First, take a look at this picture, do you know what this is?

this is my son's knitting. He told me the other day that it was too hard so I said when we had a quiet moment I'd show him it's not so hard. he always steals my gauge swatches and uses them as GI Joe Fort/Cabin blankets in a log cabin my mom made for him. So he's making one of his very own. He's a little frustrated by the first stitch on row because it gets loose so I did cast on, first row to show him and the first two stitches of each row. But it's a very good start. And I've already heard "just a second, I'm finishing a row" And only one panic "MOM?!?" for dropped stitches (it's red heart, they kind of just sit there as long as you don't yank).

Ok, the job is going well so far. a lot of information and not a single soul that I know, but each day gets a little easier. I'm finding that my technical knowledge is very good for what they need, I'm able to explain to team members what is going on and have the existing employees nod approvingly. They decided to fill out the beginning of my team for me so I have three employees, or will officially have three within the next couple of weeks. Then in March I have to decide on more. One of the people on my team has actually been a contractor for years there and knows the business really well. He's very handy, plus he showed me where the coffee bar is inside the company so he's on today's favorite people list!

not much knitting aside from my son's. Way too busy and tired to do much. Started to do a chunky Mistake Rib scarf tonight to have something brainless but even that was too much at the moment. So I'm off to fall asleep!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yarn Shopping!

We were supposed to go to TransSiberian Orchestra today but our mom can't chance getting sick so we couldn't join her. Hoping she enjoyed it with Dad!

Sis is still in town and disappointed about not going to the concert. The concert is why she's not back in the desert yet. So since PukeBoy was significantly better today we spent the day shopping for yarn and then taking pictures of yarn and then putting that yarn into Ravelry and then trying to find patterns to go with said yarn. This made the extra weekend here feel more worthwhile than just sitting in my apartment.

We forgot to take the camera with us so I only have pictures of what I bought.

First went to the new location for the Loop Yarn Shop. I have to say that even though it's further away, I love the new store! It's bright and cheery, there's plenty of room to walk around (the old location was full if there were more than two people browsing). Plus it's in the same building as Alterra coffee which means if I lived closer, I would spend my free time there!

Here's my stash for the Loop. The book is 2-At-A-Time Socks because now that I know how to use the long circular for one sock, two socks will be next. (although I haven't had much knitting time with heading back to work and dealing with puke boy and not sleeping so mine is pretty much the same as it was at Cami's). Anyway, I also got a couple chunky skeins to make a very quick hat and scarf. They are Misti Alpaca, one solid dark green and the other one handpainted granite. Also Austermann Step striping sock yarn because although I've yet to use self-striping yarn, I'm incredibly fascinated by the idea.

We also went to Ruhama's but I only bought this Grignasco alpaca there. There was so much that was beautiful but I had trouble finding stuff that was beautiful, allergy friendly and in my price range. I saw some things that were super soft and wonderful but if they cost more than $20 a skein/hank/ball, I just can't buy it for stash, I need a project. That's just me. But I'm thinking of using this for wrist warmers.

Well, I've spent almost the whole day fondling yarn but not knitting and now it's almost bed time... oh well, lots to knit with tomorrow and I've got so many projects in mind that I'm going to have to be careful I don't have a mess of UFOs! (un-finished objects)


Friday, January 4, 2008

I can't believe they kicked me out....

I had my exit interview earlier today and officially left work when I went to lunch and didn't go back. Lunch was wonderful, people from various projects that I've been close to came and I got to say good-bye and there were hugs all around. I held it together through that, opened a card a friend secretly stashed and inside it had a silly joke, one that I had given her a couple years ago when things were sucky.... and that silly joke is what made me lose it and cry, sitting by myself in my car. Then I was ok again but just a little bit ago, I tried to check my work email (I'm obsessive) and it turns out that I'm already kicked out... I can't believe they kicked me out already! And now I'm teary again because that means I'm really really done....

In other news, son is sick. He was fine but tired, he fell asleep reading at the foot of my bed and he's too big to move (and total dead weight when he sleeps). Then at 3am, I couldn't sleep thinking about last day and new job so i went to another room and suddenly I hear "Mom..." He threw up, all over himself and my bed. UGH, EW, YUCK! I know I'm supposed to be a mom, but I don't deal well with kid puke. He spent almost 12 hours running back and forth to bathroom being sick even when nothing was left to be sick with. Thank god Sis is still here, she took on puke-boy duties so that I could go to work and have my last day lunch. I owe her big time! Luckily whatever it is or was, he is making a speedy recovery, but it's messing up weekend plans.

When not monitoring barf and such, she's made awesome progress on her sock, check out her blog to see a real sock heel! And I know that right now she's working on the cuff so hopefully she'll blog that soon.

So far no Ruhama's because of work schedule, we were going to go today except for son being sick. We'll see if we can go tomorrow but it depends on health all around.

It's been a topsy turvy day full of emotions and I'm drained. heading to bed very soon.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

I didn't want to work that hard...

My last two days at work have been totally swamped so in the evening, very tired and not posting. I did want to post a link to BugKnits, this woman is crazy! Also not knit-related but fun link... What We Drove turn on speakers for the fun 50's/60's car music. (warning, it's a few minutes long)

Also posting a picture of the stash I picked up at Cami's. The sock is actually on LotusYarn previously purchased from Lotus's Etsy Store but since Cami divided it and showed me how to knit toe-up, it's here! I want to post lots but I have to say that I keep telling everyone that visiting was the best, most relaxing mini-vacation I've had in ages. I'm just sorry the kids got sick.

Cami posted a picture of wine and wine cozy I made for her, but here's an upright one ;-)

Have to head to bed. Tomorrow is my last day and when it hits me, I'm going to be a sobbing mess. No mascara for me!

Night! - DFly

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Knitty New Year!

This is a really boring post because I'm tired, so I have tons of wonderful things to tell you all and no energy to do it justice. But I have to do a new year's post. I promise to do a full Clementine special post tomorrow when I can give it the time and love it deserves!

Starting a toe-up sock thanks to Cami in yarn from LotusYarns. This actually will cover my first new year's resolution of tackling socks again. I realize that I totally missed most of my resolutions from last year so I'm thinking I need to re-evaluate what's really important to me this time around.

Finishing the existing job this week. About 2-1/2 days of work (short Friday). Monday I start the new one. Spent the whole evening picking benefits and filling out forms. Too many health care choices, crossing my fingers that I picked the "right" one.

Off to sleep, unfortunately, after late nights, tomorrow is back to getting up early and going to work!

Night to all, better stuff tomorrow!