Saturday, October 20, 2007

FO Throw!! (and dumb mistake)

Finished the throw and I'm very happy with it!

Now for the dumb mistake... I was going to say how glad I am that I cut the fringes ahead of time and how proud I am that I thought of it because there is no way the throw was going to make it to 74" long, mine made it to 67". Yep, no way it was going to make it to the 74" long that I swear the pattern said the first several times I looked at it.... but just now I looked again and realized the pattern only said 54". I haven't the foggiest notion where I got 74" from. I would blame the fact that I've been sick and not thinking straight with all the medications... but I've been thinking it was 74" for a couple weeks now! But it's 67" plus fringe and it's staying that way!!

And just for Suna, here's a close-up of the stitches where you can see the combined color strands.

Tomorrow it's back to the concert sweater! Happy Crafting - Dragonfly

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Throw Grow

The throw is growing, it's now 48in long. (and 34in wide although it's hanging narrow in the picture). What's annoying me is that you combine 4 colors, one of the colors you double. So I have red, green, purple and two grey strands.... the pattern said to buy 3 skeins of the single-strand colors and 5 skeins of the two-strand color. Ok... I've used up 2 each of the single-skein colors and 4 of the double skein color and I need to keep going.... but oops, I either need another skein of the grey, or I need to split the skein. If I split the skein, it will not be long enough. So I'm off to Michaels at some point to buy another one. Luckily Lion Brand Jiffy isn't exactly fancy dyelot so I can probably pick up another one and not have it noticible. Especially since it's all blended together anyway. Just annoyed by it.

And the obligatory cute kitten picture...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Throw started

As a mindless addition to knitting, I decided to start knitting this throw for a friend for Christmas. It's a really easy pattern from Lion Brand called Fast Finish Throw. I totally switched out the colors but it's working. It's about 13" long right now. The pattern says it can knit up in 6 hours, not quite sure that's right but then I rarely knit in one sitting. Knit most of this while snuggled on the couch with my guy. (it was our first venture into me actually knitting near him and he didn't run screaming... and he brought the swift so I could hand-wind the concert sweater more easily).

Had to take kitty pictures today too. My older cat has not been playing much lately with the new kitty but today I got her some new toys and she was very happy. Later the little one was totally fascinated by the dvd player's screensaver.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sweater start

I want to put a clever title to this blog but I have nothing in mind.

First, I have knit 5 inches of son's concert sweater. Being bulky it's going pretty quickly. Had to include Tiger because he's cute.

Part of my instructions don't make sense to me but I'm hoping that they will when I get there or I can get help at that point. Also, totally worried that I'm going to run short of yarn (it's Knit Picks Decadence in Winter Berry and they are not carrying this anymore). I actually emailed someone at Ravelry that has this yarn in a different dye lot. I don't know if that's rude or not but I pleaded my case.

Notice on the left I have added "Blogging Without Obligation". Suna mentioned this and I love the idea of not feeling guilty when there's not time to blog. Click on the button and you'll see the original idea.

In other news... work kind of sucks but next week I get to move back to the corporate office to sit near friends and the all-day coffee bar so I guess it balances. Or at least I can tell myself that *laugh*

Dating is going very well. I think he's crazy for hanging out with son and I and enjoying himself but it's a good crazy and works in my favor *grin* (and to my amazement, he knows about ball winders and umbrella swifts... he calls them the "ball maker spinny thing" and the "big loop holder spinny thing" but he knows what they are!)

I'm loving Ravelry and so glad Melly invited me!

Ok, off to roll another ball of yarn for the sweater, by hand since I don't have a ball maker spinny thing....

Happy Knitting! - DFly

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Thanks to Melly, I've now got a Ravelry account! I got my profile updated and added a couple friends but I haven't added projects or stash info since I'm not at home to do a thorough job of it. I'm pretty excited about it though! I feel like I'm in this super clique.

Haven't started knitting the sweater yet, a little chicken, I have to admit. Partially because of the sweater and partially because I'll be using really yummy alpaca which is better than what I usually use.

Mom gave me a knitting machine this weekend, have to try that out too if I can find room away from my thumbkins kitty, Tiger. (who is doing very well)

Tiger came with us to visit his brother kitty this weekend at my parents' house. At first they were hesitant about each other but then they've been playing hard. (and crashing anywhere like Cami's Eli)

Monday, October 1, 2007

FO: Diamond Shawl

Look, I finished! I made it smaller than the pattern because my grandmother is a tiny person. Son is the model and he's really close to her size. I figured if I made it bigger she'd be using it as a blanket!

Onto the next things on the list... I want to start a sweater for son, socks with the stripey yarn and a throw for a friend... so many things, so little time. Sweater has the first "due date" though so I better go for that first!

Have a good evening! - Dragonfly