Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitten Smitten!

First off... some day I'll post some finished items and works in progress, I have good knitting things, just behind in that part of blogging.

But in the meantime, after Beezy's death, Tigger kitty has been very lonely. He has been crying, he doesn't like being alone all day by himself so I made the decision that it was time to look for another kitty for him. After some back and forth last week, enter our new baby girl. She is from Shelter from the Storm, a very nice rescue center. Her name was Petunia but that just wasn't going to happen. I was calling her Miss Kitty, just to have something to call her and it's sort of become Missy. She comes running so I guess she's picked her name. She's just over 3 months old right now.

Tigger wasn't sure of her at first, but to be fair, when they met we were all at my parents' house where they have Scout-puppy who Tigger isn't too fond of. The picture below is from the early meeting. Once we got back home to our place, they've been getting along fine. Playing chase, following each other.... he licks the top of her head now and then. They will be just fine! Now if I could just get them to sit still long enough to show a picture together. They are both Zoom-Kitties!!

And my favorite pose.... Upside Down Kitty!