Friday, December 28, 2007

Pretty Snow... Stupid Snow...

It is snowing here... and snowing and snowing and snowing... So here's a difference of opinions, Sis has gotten used to California and now sees the "beauty of the snow"...

Where as I, got into an accident today because someone pulled in front of me and I couldn't stop in the stupid icy slushy icky stuff! No one was hurt at all, it was more of an annoyance to the day. Although I am kind of proud that my little car is fine and the SUV who misbehaved has a broken axle.

Lots of random pictures here.

Boyfriend got his Christmas hat but he won't let me take a picture of him so here it is on my teddy bear.

Son loved the knucks, here he put them on and he did not take them off until dinner time when Grumpy (grandpa) told him they had to be removed for eating. You can also see him wearing them later as he studies the Klutz "Encyclopedia of Immaturity". That book was quite the winner too! (Note, that's the concert sweater he's wearing too!)

Sis and kitties, striped one is my Tiger, other one is his brother Tubble who lives with our parents. She last saw them at 7-8 weeks over Labor Day and can't believe how big they got.

Tubble loves the snow. Oddball cat.

Went to bead shop the other day with Sis to get her supplies for beading knitted bags (book and supplies were present from me to her). While there I picked up a quick Mill Hill kit to make a beaded dragonfly.

Happy Knitting - DFly

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


It was a crafty Christmas. I received a swift and ball winder that I had asked for. Those KnitPicks skeins were starting to get to me when balling by hand! The new 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders book. A gift certificate for Patternworks from my son (helped by Grandma). In fact I already ordered Panda Cotton in Sable, Crystalline Lattice sock pattern (a printed version was free with order), dpns and the Magic Loop pamphlet just to have it. Origami Deluxe set that has a just gorgeous, drawer system. Better picture on Barnes & Noble so using them for the link. Also little origami "paper dolls" that Sis and I both got. Just because they were cute and mom decided we needed them. I had a gorgeous little box from Sis and inside was a note that said "Have to wait til Clementine's" so I've got more goodness to look forward to!

My mother loved the little duck, it made her giggle, as it was meant to.
AJ loved his Pokemon Ash knucks and has been wearing them basically non-stop!

I'll have more pictures from Christmas when I'm back at home at my own place. (Plus there are still more gifts that can't be posted yet)
Looking forward to visiting Melly and Cami at Clementine's in a couple days! Until then, happy knitting to all and to all a good night!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ah, the good drugs....

Went to the doctor and it turns out I've got a sinus infection that traveled to lungs and set off asthma. The average head cold I got just sent me into a nose dive. Doctor figures when I was sick in Oct/Nov with same thing we didn't actually get it all and it's just been waiting. Got loads of things now including antibiotics and prednisone. not 100% yet but significantly better. And not really contagious to anyone else. Still need more rest but will be plenty good for visiting Cami and Melly!! Silly Cami said she hoped Mojave Sis and I won't mind spending one of the days in the yarn shop. I laughed... and then choked because I'm not that healthy yet... but we are totally looking forward to the shop!!

The only sad thing is I haven't actually rested, been working from home and by the time I have free time, I'm too tired to knit. So no pictures at the moment.

Now for really good news! In just a few more hours, Mojave Sis will be here!! She should be taking off within a few minutes of this post and I'll be picking her up about midnight. (I live 10 minutes from airport).

Have a good evening all and if I'm not around, I hope everyone has happy holidays!


P.S. Go visit Chelsea's blog for today and then tell her congratulations!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sick and tired...

No, really. I've been sick for a few days and unfortunately I keep getting worse each day instead of better. That must mean I'm due for an upswing, right? I hope so anyway. I've been forbidden to show up at work because no one else wants to be sick. Which is fine with me actually, I hate when sick people show up and make everyone else ill.

Tonight was son's concert. I took video but have no clue how to turn that into still pictures but he did wear his sweater. It shed a little too much, his black pants have a rosey hue now.

Starting a beautiful lace scarf for a friend. Since my last (and only) trip into the lace world didn't go so well, just cross your fingers for me! I'll post pictures when it's far enough along to see some pattern.

Below is a picture of my nurse kitties, they normally don't sit that close but they both wanted to be near me so the older one tolerated the "up-start" for the day.
Good evening, I'm due for more cold meds.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I finished the sweater in time for him to wear it to his orchestra concert... and then it was cancelled yesterday because of weather. Luckily today I found out that they will have it next week, but I keep thinking I could have gotten some more sleep over the weekend (haven't caught up yet).

doing a quick knit for a friend. The one-row yarn harlot scarf. After the sweater, I want something that will go fast. It's looking really good but I don't want to post it here. I'll post in ravelry eventually

Just received yarn from Lotus, I love it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Busy Day!!

Look, I finished a sweater!! It's a little big by design, I'm hoping he can wear it for a couple of years (he wears sweaters so rarely)

Also today I put in notice at the current job and accepted the new one. I start the new one in January so we're still planning to visit Cami in December if she'll still have us. (and meeting the wonderful Miss Melly too I hope)

I'm a wildly excited and totally terrified about the new job! Making contact today makes everything real and no longer just hypothetical.

Ok, been staying up too late to work on sweater and the past couple days so I'm going to bed now... (happy knitting!)


Thursday, December 6, 2007

I got it!

I got offered the job I really wanted!!! they had sort of a mini-quiz for me, which I passed without problems. I am waiting to learn more about benefits (esp health care) but I'm definitely leaning toward accepting. It's more money and it's something that just has me jazzed. Working with a technology I like and I get to run the brand-new dept. (yes, I said brand-new) Including hiring! Ok, so also freaking because ... OMG, my own dept to run... totally running through the whole gammot of possible new job freaking out!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

No pics, just random news...

the sweater progressed a bit today, it's got two inches of yoke complete. Trying to figure out something with the pattern though. my gauge was initially a tad different so I've had to planfully adjust along the way and if I knit the yoke as "high" as they state before starting the neck, I think the neck will choke my son... if I knit it lower, I'm worried my raglan decreases won't be quite right. But I'm a smart woman, I'll figure it out... another day... when I don't have a wicked headache!

Today I had two interviews at the same company. They seemed to go well, my gut says it would be surprising if I didn't eventually get an offer from them, but I'm not sure it's the right place for me. It's a good company, I just didn't get that "Wow, I'm excited!" feel. (case in point, before thanksgiving I had an interview and I was so excited when I left that I called three people to tell them about it.... this time, I sent an email)

Tomorrow I have a meeting at current job about my career and a final interview for the position I'm excited about. I'm going between being really hopeful and scared to death (scared they don't want me when I'm this jazzed.... scared they do want me and I'll have to choose to leave the job & people I currently know) It will be a busy and stressful day.... going to head to bed in the hopes of some sleep... although I expect I'll toss a bit...

In other people's news... totally excited about Lotus's mention in Yarn Harlot!! How thrilling is it?! Should be good for business! Very proud of Chelsea's recent award! Congratulate her for me!

Plus I just realized that it's only 15 days until Mojave Sis gets here!!

I've off to bed, wish me luck tomorrow!


Sunday, December 2, 2007

So I'll get the next concert...

Ok, the sweater is not going to make it for my son's music concert tomorrow night, but he's got an orchestra concert next week and I know I can make that one. Definitely making progress, got distracted today by mundane things like dishes and laundry and then more interesting things like shopping for an interview outfit. (I now have exactly two!)

But here's how far I am now. Next step is to take all three pieces and start knitting them together in one big round. I'm a little concerned that my biggest circular is not big enough and I don't have a size 13 tip for Knit Picks Options yet (didn't come in the starter set).

It's going to be a busy week, concert, Christmas parties, interviews... not to mention the knitting... - DFly