Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finished Sock! (and kitties)

I finished one and it fits this time! I should cast on the other one right away except that I need to finish something else first, promised something to a friend as a thank you and I've been working on the sock instead. (I'll post more details after I've given it to her)
Here is Beezy showing off my new quilt. no, I didn't make it, it's from Overstock. It was to replace the one that was destroyed by puke boy. (a couple washings and that thing just had to go in the trash, there was no rescuing it even though Mojave Sis washed it right away).

Here is Tiger, he insists that son's log cabin is a nice kitty home. You can't see here but son has little stuffed animals (about 1-1/2 inches high) in the cabin on beds with swatch blankets. Tiger is quite convinced those are kitty toys and the cabin is just a kitty treasure box and constantly runs off with things. On the plus side, the cabin is a lot more sturdy than the plastic canvas castle.

Today though, I gave in and ordered a new kitty tree for them. It's got lots of levels and a couple kitty caves. Hopefully it will keep them both happy with enough room for them to both be on it, and the kitty cave should keep Tiger out of my stuff. That's the theory anyway!
Back to knitting!


Suna said...

Great sock, but really, that cat in the log cabin is incredibly cute. It's so funny what things our pets think are "theirs."

Chelsea said...

Nice job on the sock!

Thimbleanna said...

Very, very nice sock! I love the browns. Will you do two socks on one circ next time?

melly~ said...

lovin' the socks d-fly!