Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sorry, I'm a poor blogger!

I haven't been blogging and now I'm posting without pictures. I apologize. Life seems to just hit fast. Nothing bad just busy!

The diamond shawl is progressing slowly, I'm halfway through the 9th repeat. 10 repeats will be what I need to complete it so it's close. I'm planning a small throw for a friend of mine for Christmas, big needles (Speed Stix!) so it should go fast but be appreciated. Different colors than the pattern but the ones my son picked are rich and remind me of autumn.

I need to get brave and start a sweater for my son. I'd like him to be able to wear it for Christmas school concerts but that means I need to start. Having never done a sweater I'm nervous about the idea. Especially since gauge is not my friend.

OH, and I found self-striping sock yarn in acrylic, Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. I'm so excited about that because most what I see is always wool. I'm now excited about trying socks again. Plus I bought that new Ann Budd book "Getting Started with Socks".

Kitten is doing very well, although older cat is still not entirely pleased about his existence.

Ok, and I just have to say, I've been dating and very happily that is eating up some of my time. But you will hear no complaints from me on that subject!!

Happy Crafting! - DFly

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Knucks are finished! (but only kitty photos here)

I don't want to post a picture of the completed knucks here since I suspect my son looks at the blog now and then. However, I'll send a picture of them to most of the regulars that I have addresses for (Melly, I don't have yours).

Also showing picture of paw of our polydactyl kitty (extra toes). He has a full 7 toes on each front foot, including a pad under the toes, making it appear almost like another paw from the bottom.

This is as close as I've seen Tiger (kitten) and Beezy (older cat) get. And right before this, I was in between them so I'm not sure they realized they were this close.

Now it's time to concentrate on the shawl again. I've been ignoring it for a bit. (been really busy and knitting time has been more limited).

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Yes, I'm alive and well

First... here's part of the reason for my lack of blogging lately (along with just being plain busy)

Knucks are almost complete. finished one about two weeks ago but never posted it. the other one was at a total standstill, but i took advantage of son's friend being over to work on it in hiding this past weekend. I'm on the thumb gussett of that one.

Also the shawl is slowly coming along. I worked on that over Labor Day but I must have been extra worn out and tired because I kept screwing it up. (note on how tired I was... I totally forgot that part of that weekend was to celebrate son's birthday, almost forgot to plan and make a cake).

Work is moving along, I know where I'm going now and I'm back to Systems Analyst. I keep the raise I earned when I moved to erpbeepa so that's ok. Not thrilled with what I'll be doing for the next 4-6 months, but I do love the people I'll be doing it with so it balances out.

I'll try to post more knitting in the next day or so!

-The Still Breathing, DFly