Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tagged by meme

I was tagged with this meme by Cami so here goes...

4 Things I Did Today:
-Went yarn shopping at Ruhama’s and Loop
-Started a chevron scarf with two colors of Koigu (which are blending together so much that you can’t tell I’m using two different colorways)
-Spent time visiting friends who made yummie pork chop dinner
-Spent an hour all by myself at Starbucks listening to podcasts and knitting the Knotty or Knice sock with coffee.

4 Things on My To-Do List:
-Create a report for work that I’ve been putting off. (mostly because the data was sort of random, but one of my guys nicely sucked it into a database so I think I’ll be better off)
-Laundry, trash, dishes… the usual
-Buying fall/winter tops for myself that are work appropriate. I don’t have many and I’m already bored and it’s only October
-Buying a decent winter coat for the son that is now a crossing guard and will be standing in various weather.

4 of My Guiltiest Pleasures:
-“Total Drama Island” (cartoon about a reality show… .I hate real reality shows but this usually makes me grin)
-“Ben 10 Alien Force”, I like this one because son and I get up Saturday morning and sit together under blankets and eat our cereal. I figure I don’t have too much more “mom” time with him before he’s a teen.
- Young Adult Fiction. I don’t always get a lot of reading time and I have found quite a few that I like and I can get through in a reasonable amount of time.
- Hot bubble bath with a book.

4 Random Facts About Me:
- I own my own shingling hammer.
- When I’m stressed, my hair changes colors. People that know me outside of cyberspace are aware of this but I’m thinking blog readers don’t. On the plus side, my hair has done very little changing since the new job which is a good sign.
- Most of my hobbies don’t last very long, just long enough to feel like I’ve proven that I can do it. (flower arranging, pop-up card/books, quill paper) Knitting has lasted two years now! I think much of that has to do with my enjoyment of the people it has connected me to as much as the sticks and string themselves.
- Once upon a time, I had pretty low self esteem. Today people don’t usually know that, in fact, my manager told me the other day that my confidence is one of the things I’m best known for at this job and is seen as an asset.

So to tag my own.... Suna, Veeg, Drey, Chelsea and LotusKnits


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pictures and followers

I saw this new Followers gadget when I was on Suna's blog and then I realized that I have a couple followers too, I just didn't have the gadget. So now I've added it here too, see the left side! (although Drey appears twice, she's extra special)

Ok, not much time so mostly pictures with captions.

1) Paca-Peds surprise from MojaveSis

2) Perfect Day Yarns in Blustery Autumn Day from The Loopy Ewe. (the name reminded me of Winnie the Pooh)

3) Chameleon Colorworks, Evolution in October colorway, also from Loopy Ewe

4) Fun surprise, a big rope dragonfly made by friends. Now hangs on my bedroom wall

5) Namaste Messenger bag from Loopy Ewe. This thing is huge! (and the color is off)

6) Knit crown made for Peanut (almost 4-yo daughter of friends)

7) completed Traveling Scarf. The tags show who knit each section. (I do plan on removing them before wearing) Actually I still need to knit another end on in my original color.

8) Last two depict first two repeats of the Knotty-or-Knice socks from Interweave Knits. The yarn is the first being used from my Stitches trip. The teeny cables started out a bit problematic but I'm in a rhythm now and loving how it looks. The photos aren't great, my camera isn't made for close-ups.

Happy, productive and relaxed days for all!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


... I didn't realize it has been so long since I posted. Sorry no pictures.

I've had some busy weekends and evenings, school starting up means making sure homework is done and I've been trying to go to the gym.

  • I guess that can be my first bullet point, I joined a local gym and I like it, they are new and the people that go are very diverse. People who are just trying to lose weight, some who are doing physical therapy, some who are really into weight training. The owner is really sweet and always yells hello when she sees me come in, she also introduces everyone to each other. Best of all, the cardio machines all have individual televisions so you can watch tv OR download tv shows to your iPod, hook the iPod to the machine and watch those. I've actually been on the cardio for 40 minutes since that's how long it takes to watch a downloaded episode of Stargate Atlantis or Doctor Who.
  • Second, I'm very proud of my kid. The past few years have been a challenging experience for us. First figuring out that he read poorly so he went to Sylvan and that helped. Then last school year was all about learning how to study and how to plan. This year I'm working to be more hands-off and he's working to be more responsible for his own work. I have to say I'm amazed, he's really coming into his own this year. He's getting a reasonable amount of homework done (if not all of it) before I even pick him up. He's studying for tests on his own and maybe not getting super grades but he's being responsible and he's not failing. He signed up for homework club and quick math facts on his own. (he's great at math, but slow on timed tests for fact memorization) His mid-term progress report came home and so far he's doing well. I know it's early but the attitude so far this year is wonderful to see.
  • Third, I've been knitting but not as much. (gym time used to be knitting time). And the couple small things I've finished recently are gifts that I don't want to post pictures for yet in case they are seen too early. But I've got to start packing stuff to mail!! I am planning to start the Knotty or Knice socks soon. I already translated the chart into index cards but I haven't wound the yarn yet. Maybe this weekend.
  • Fourth, son got to play D&D with my friends this weekend and it seemed to go pretty well. He was happy about it and wants to go again. This means I might actually get to start seeing this group of friends more often again. At least until they remember that I'm a pain *grin*
  • Lastly, I have yarn coming and Namaste Messenger bag in Chocolate Mauve. Pretty, Pretty!! I've been eyeing up this bag for a couple months now and finally gave in and ordered it from The Loopy Ewe. When I ordered, I also ordered two yarns, one from Perfect Day Yarns (Blustery Day) and the other from Chameleon Colorworks (October). I can't wait for them to get here!

I think that's all the major things, I'm sure I'm forgetting something since it's been so long. Next time I'll try for pictures too!