Friday, December 28, 2007

Pretty Snow... Stupid Snow...

It is snowing here... and snowing and snowing and snowing... So here's a difference of opinions, Sis has gotten used to California and now sees the "beauty of the snow"...

Where as I, got into an accident today because someone pulled in front of me and I couldn't stop in the stupid icy slushy icky stuff! No one was hurt at all, it was more of an annoyance to the day. Although I am kind of proud that my little car is fine and the SUV who misbehaved has a broken axle.

Lots of random pictures here.

Boyfriend got his Christmas hat but he won't let me take a picture of him so here it is on my teddy bear.

Son loved the knucks, here he put them on and he did not take them off until dinner time when Grumpy (grandpa) told him they had to be removed for eating. You can also see him wearing them later as he studies the Klutz "Encyclopedia of Immaturity". That book was quite the winner too! (Note, that's the concert sweater he's wearing too!)

Sis and kitties, striped one is my Tiger, other one is his brother Tubble who lives with our parents. She last saw them at 7-8 weeks over Labor Day and can't believe how big they got.

Tubble loves the snow. Oddball cat.

Went to bead shop the other day with Sis to get her supplies for beading knitted bags (book and supplies were present from me to her). While there I picked up a quick Mill Hill kit to make a beaded dragonfly.

Happy Knitting - DFly

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melly~ said...

The hat is simply gorgeous!
See you tomorrow!