Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring shows up in many ways!

The first Spring sock is complete (and the second one is on its way)

I took a picture of the flowering tree in front of our future place because I was so excited to have one.

Later, son and I went wandering all over local parks while I took lots of floral pictures. I took LOTS and of course only some came out properly, but of those I liked I had Walgreen's print out 8x10's. I'm going to try to find some decent cheap frames for them and use them as art work in the new place.

Condo Update: Inspection went well. There was one small concern with furnace so I had the heating/cooling guy come out. Turns out that what we thought might be a cracked secondary heat exchange was really just caused by a loose screw. But now the furnace and A/C have been serviced so I don't need to worry about them. Cheap peace of mind. Now I'm just waiting to meet with the bank tomorrow to lock in a rate.


Anonymous said...

i heart those socks!

Suna said...

Lovely photos, and great news about the condo. You're on your way!