Friday, September 25, 2009

LYS Hunting...

Ok, not really hunting, I knew where they were...

I took today off for no reason except that I can and wanted a brain break. Decided that since my son was in school all day, I'd do something for me. I went to Google Maps and typed in "yarn shops, wisconsin" and then picked a path and went to four shops that I've never been too.

First, The Shaggy Sheep in Manitowoc. Here I had the best luck to be there when the UPS man came with a single box, a box that contained the new Cat Bordhi sock knitting book, Personal Footprints. The woman behind the counter was wonderful. Even though I was never there before, she grabbed a chair and asked me to sit and chat. I wish I had her name.

Next I went to Magpie's Cottage in Sheboygan Falls. Here I met Kim who gave me a full tour of the cottage and told me about all the different yarns they carry. It's a very cute little store that also has fabrics and beads. Kim was definitely all about having people pet the yarn!

Grafton Yarn Store was next. I've heard good things of this one but it's a bit out of my way so I've never been. I wish I was closer because the women here were helpful to each other and chatty and it's big, open and beautiful. It's location is very pretty too.

The Knitting Knook was the last of the day and was by far the busiest of the lot. It used to be French Knots II but I never visited before today. The women here were friendly and laughing about how little actual knitting they were getting done but you could tell they were having fun.

Here's the picture of the loot of the day!


knittingdragonflies said...

Good booty! I haven't bought any yarn in a little while.
Ha ha ha

Carol said...

What a fun thing to do. Good for you! I've been thinking of doing something similar (non-planned trip) but everyone is too busy..maybe I'll follow your lead and go by myself.