Thursday, August 6, 2009

So What Am I Working On?

Even with moving, I have been working on some things...

This is a star-ball for kids. It's supposed to be a surprise for someone at work that just recently had a baby girl. I've been ignoring it lately as I have a bit of startitis since I moved to the new place. New places need new knitting apparently.

This guy will eventually be a monkey. It's part of a kid's "learn to knit" kit and when I wanted something sort of quick after long days, it was a good choice. Eventually he'll even get arms...

Today I went to a beginning crochet class at Loop Yarn Shop. The part in the image below the hook is what I did in class (single, double, triple and half-double). Above the hook is where I used the book to figure out how to increase in each stitch and then do a shell stitch.

Last but definitely not least is my first circular shawl (this will meet 2009 Yarnie Resolution #5!). I'm a bit further along than this but I didn't take a new picture because it needs to be stretched out to see it properly. The pattern is Exonumist's Circular Shawl by Wendy Johnson and can be purchased off her website or in Ravelry. (You should follow links just to see the pretty pictures).

There's also a pair of cuff-down socks, but again they are a secret for now. But I'm done with one and almost done with the leg of the second.

Happy Knitting (and Crocheting)! - Dfly


Chelsea said...

i noticed you had plurked about crocheting something and I thought "I didn't know she crocheted!", but I get it now :P

Tamsie said...

Hi - How is the circular shawl coming along?