Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chicago Trip

Well, let's see, even though I've been to the train station plenty of times, I got lost on the way there and couldn't even figure out how. On the way home I realized that they've completely ripped up the ramps which then made sense. I was never super lost because I could figure out where I was, just not how I got there. Anyway, we made the train but couldn't figure out why the parking lot was totally packed and then the train was packed too... took me a bit to realize that there was an awful lot of Badger red on the train. Apparently there was a game down in Evanstown. This was the only trip where I've seen standing room only on the Metra.

Anyway, we got there, I knit part of a sock on the way down. We saw the Christmas windows at Marshall Fields (ok, Macy's but I just can't get used to that). They were better this year, the last couple years Macy's hadn't done as well as the old windows. This one was a cute poem about how Santa and the elves use the power of Belief to collect and answer all the letters to Santa that are sent from around the world.

We had thought of going to Navy Pier to see a Yu-gi-oh Regional Tournament but we got started later than we had planned and decided against it by the time we got there. As usual the Lego store was good, but packed with people and hot. (I don't know what it is but it's ALWAYS hot there) But now we have some Legos and tomorrow will be Lego Pajama day.

Somehow on the way back to the train, I ended up on the lower streets which was a little frustrating as I kept looking up going "I want to be up THERE" but at least I always could tell where I was. We walked really fast to catch the train but got there fine. On the trip back we had to pick up some of those same Badger fans and the conductor on that trip was having fun with them. "anyone wearing red outerwear pays double today"

Over all it was a pleasant day. And the weather was great, I can't remember another trip that we didn't even have to wear coats!

Hope everyone has a good weekend - Dfly

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Kelly said...

Sounds like a nice time. Hope you are enjoying your lego and pajama day!