Saturday, January 3, 2009

Still Busy!

All that acrylic from the last post is going to the Mother Bear Project. I decided to make another bear with it before I send it all. (Plus I never actually sent the one I made last year, I kept thinking she'd be lonely. *blush*) I adapted the original pattern to use magic loop so no seaming, except for some kitchener on the arms and head after stuffing.

Legs started two at a time

Joined to a single item and then worked up through the head

Finished bear

Shown with last year's bear, I definitely will send this time!

Back in June at the Bead and Button Show, I bought a kit that was supposed to make a bracelet and necklace. The bracelet was done almost immediately but the necklace was never even started. I finally made it, but it's WAY too small, it fits my bear perfectly. But hey, it's done, it's now an FO instead of a WIP!

Last thing finished... these ribbed socks, started in May, were supposed to be a mindless project to carry around, but they ended up constantly getting set aside. So they didn't progress for a long time. Then I realized they are actually too small for me, but I have a recipient in mind for them. I finished them late last night (2am, which is REALLY late for me). Now they are blocking. I don't normally block but they are going to be gifted. They are 4x2 rib throughout the foot and the cuff is 1x1.

Ok, and these are just cute kitty pictures...

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Suna said...

The bears DO look happier together!