Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lovely Visit, Yarn with Kitty Help and a Bit of Sad

Son and I just came back from a lovely long weekend visit with friends. These are the same friends we visited in September. We both had Friday off so we went on Thursday night and came back earlier today. We did shopping (including yarn below), ate really well, there was a little sledding, played the Wii, spent time watching my son and their daughter (age 4) play chase around and around. It was freezing cold but we managed to keep warm. In general it was just a wonderful relaxing weekend. Case in point, Saturday and Sunday, no headaches!

While we were gone, our kitties stayed with my parents. Thursday to Sunday was just a bit too long for them to be alone. Esp the younger one because he's never alone for extended periods of time. They were spoiled at the grandparents house but both seem glad to be home. Tigger didn't want to leave my side for awhile, which is why he ended up helping take pictures of the yarn.

Now the bit of sad. Some of you know I used to work in IT dept at Harley-Davidson. Now they are making all these cuts. I knew things were getting worrisome since motorcycles are considered a luxury item but still. Here's one of the news postings. I feel bad for the worry my friends must be going through.



drey said...

Awww, hon! Thanks for worrying about us. I guess I'm just going to wait & see. I'll either have to find a new job, or have more work to do. =( ((hugs))

apryl said...

sounds like you had a lovely weekend. pretty yarn helps too.

i'll keep my fingers crossed for your friends at harley....i think all of us are worried that cuts are coming our day at at a time, right?

Suna said...

The job cuts are awful everywhere--at least Lee and I were already cut. Happy contract workers are we, sigh. I worry about the RV business too--they have to be hit hard as "optional" items as well. At least you know H-D would not cut if it weren't absolutely necessary and the jobs aren't going to India.

Good yarn, though. I am glad it was a good weekend.