Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Been Busy!

Ok, it doesn't look like much, but trust me, it took all day to get this organized. Believe it or not there is a method to the madness. The top is notions, needles and bags. The green is large amounts of yarn for projects. (like kits and sweater-amounts). The rest is yarn, yarn and more yarn. I went through it all and made sure that everything was actually logged in Ravelry.

Sorted through, some will get donated, like this pile of acrylic.... Honest, I thought I'd make everyone scarves.

Finished Objects... No longer marked as Holiday Surprises, the Packer set was for a very good friend of mine, the Maze hat was for son. It's not blocked yet but the hard part is done.

kissa packer set

Lastly, new glasses! They are fun, funky and green. Best of all, I can see better!


Suna said...

Good job, and nice glasses. And I hope the cat is dealing with the sweater gracefully now.

knitting dragonfly said...

Wow can you come to my house now?? It could be your "before" pic. I have good intentions, but......
Seriously it looks great, I'm green with envy..

faerieboigrrrl23 said...

Congrats! If only I can get organized the same way.

apryl said...

*hangs head* yeah, i have a bit more yarn than you....but i'm not buying anymore this year and you are in how many sock clubs?? hmmm?? so you should be catching up to me soon!