Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yarnie Resolutions

I'm sure many of you have noticed that I went through and finished a bunch of lingering items. (or officially frogged them) Why is this? Because my first decision of the year was to get things of the WIP list. I realized when I added my current Ravelry projects to the side of this blog that there were more than I felt comfortable with so I decided to whittle down and complete all the really old UFOs or just admit that they weren't going to happen. As far as I'm concerned I'm down to three items now and that's right. I have a scarf that I can carry around absolutely anywhere for mindless knitting, a complex knitting project that pretty much needs to be done in quiet at home (the cabled socks with the teeny tiny stitches) and my second sock using the yarn from lovely Apryl. That one is also semi-mindless so it's going to compete with the scarf a bit.

Then I started thinking about what else I want to do this year so I decided to list them.

Dragonfly's 5 Yarnie Resolutions
  1. Get rid of old UFOs one way or the other. I'm considering this one done as I'm starting out the year nicely now.
  2. Learn to use my drop spindle. I bought two, both a top and bottom whorl but haven't used them at all. However, I'm signed up for a "Learn to Spin" class the last day of February as part of Sheep in the City so I'll get there.
  3. Make conscious decisions on yarn buying. There is an ugly rumor by MojaveSis that I'm giving up buying yarn. Not exactly true. Mainly I'm just going to limit sock yarn purchases because I have plenty and I'm signed up for 3 sock clubs. Possibly 4 if I get the lottery pick on Loopy Ewe. On the plus side only one sock club is monthly, the rest are spread out and they were paid up front. Again, except for maybe Loopy Ewe, I like the idea that L.E. gives you a variety of yarns to try so I am going to let the universe decide that one. I will still buy yarn for "special occassions", like Sheep in the City, visiting friends in Wausau this month and later Stitches Midwest. (by the way, sock yarn gifts are always accepted because, after all, I'm not buying it! *grin*)
  4. Learn how to do colorwork. Right now I'm planning to do the Sipalu Bag from KnitPicks. MojaveSis bought the kit for me for Christmas.
  5. Complete a lace project. While I'm totally in love with this Mystic Earth Stole and even bought the pattern, it's way too complex for a first time project. Instead I think I will do the lace scarf that was in the most recent Knit 1 magazine. I don't normally buy this magazine but it had a bunch of things I liked this time. All of the project pictures can be seen here but I chopped the image to show just the scarf I'm referring to.

Note to Mom... WIP = Work in Progress, UFO = UnFinished Object and frogged is ripped back, as in "rip it, rip it"



Suna said...

I'm trying to finish things up, too. And I am actually working on my orange sweater that I put down last May! I just might get to wear it before it's too hot here (alpaca only works for a little while in Texas).

And I finished the first sock of my current pair, which had been going excruciatingly slowly. So, it CAN be done, even by me!

Um, and I am TRYING not to buy more sock yarn.

Kelly said...

New year, new perspective!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mom knew that. I however have done two sweaters so far... :)

drey said...

Hey hon! I found another knitter. She reads, too, which is how I found here. Check out her blog here... =)