Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sick and tired...

No, really. I've been sick for a few days and unfortunately I keep getting worse each day instead of better. That must mean I'm due for an upswing, right? I hope so anyway. I've been forbidden to show up at work because no one else wants to be sick. Which is fine with me actually, I hate when sick people show up and make everyone else ill.

Tonight was son's concert. I took video but have no clue how to turn that into still pictures but he did wear his sweater. It shed a little too much, his black pants have a rosey hue now.

Starting a beautiful lace scarf for a friend. Since my last (and only) trip into the lace world didn't go so well, just cross your fingers for me! I'll post pictures when it's far enough along to see some pattern.

Below is a picture of my nurse kitties, they normally don't sit that close but they both wanted to be near me so the older one tolerated the "up-start" for the day.
Good evening, I'm due for more cold meds.



LotusKnits said...

Good luck on the scarf! Hope you feel better soon!

camillaknits said...

Hope the crud bug is gone before your visit to indy... rub Vicks on your feet and put on big socks and go to bed. This totally works, though it sounds lunatic. Get bettah, muh knitta! Cute nurses, btw. How do they respond to bum- pinching? Tee-hee

Suna said...

Do take care of yourself! At least being home gives you lots of time to read blogs!!