Sunday, December 2, 2007

So I'll get the next concert...

Ok, the sweater is not going to make it for my son's music concert tomorrow night, but he's got an orchestra concert next week and I know I can make that one. Definitely making progress, got distracted today by mundane things like dishes and laundry and then more interesting things like shopping for an interview outfit. (I now have exactly two!)

But here's how far I am now. Next step is to take all three pieces and start knitting them together in one big round. I'm a little concerned that my biggest circular is not big enough and I don't have a size 13 tip for Knit Picks Options yet (didn't come in the starter set).

It's going to be a busy week, concert, Christmas parties, interviews... not to mention the knitting... - DFly


Chelsea said...

Well, sorry that you didn't get the sweater done, but yay for interviews! Good luck with them and the sweater.

I love my new KP Options set. I got the Harmony ones, though I am a fan of pointy metal.

Cami said...

okay. I know commenting on a comment in your comment box is 'prolly not how I should do this, but, yeah, I pretty much despise the rep, the company, and anything that smacks of Lantern Moon. It was another local shop that complained about me offing the pre-sale. Arses. I'm better now. Thanks for popping over. Hope the weather co-operates for your VISIT! Cami