Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ah, the good drugs....

Went to the doctor and it turns out I've got a sinus infection that traveled to lungs and set off asthma. The average head cold I got just sent me into a nose dive. Doctor figures when I was sick in Oct/Nov with same thing we didn't actually get it all and it's just been waiting. Got loads of things now including antibiotics and prednisone. not 100% yet but significantly better. And not really contagious to anyone else. Still need more rest but will be plenty good for visiting Cami and Melly!! Silly Cami said she hoped Mojave Sis and I won't mind spending one of the days in the yarn shop. I laughed... and then choked because I'm not that healthy yet... but we are totally looking forward to the shop!!

The only sad thing is I haven't actually rested, been working from home and by the time I have free time, I'm too tired to knit. So no pictures at the moment.

Now for really good news! In just a few more hours, Mojave Sis will be here!! She should be taking off within a few minutes of this post and I'll be picking her up about midnight. (I live 10 minutes from airport).

Have a good evening all and if I'm not around, I hope everyone has happy holidays!


P.S. Go visit Chelsea's blog for today and then tell her congratulations!!

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Chelsea said...

I hope you feel better in time to enjoy the yarn!