Saturday, October 20, 2007

FO Throw!! (and dumb mistake)

Finished the throw and I'm very happy with it!

Now for the dumb mistake... I was going to say how glad I am that I cut the fringes ahead of time and how proud I am that I thought of it because there is no way the throw was going to make it to 74" long, mine made it to 67". Yep, no way it was going to make it to the 74" long that I swear the pattern said the first several times I looked at it.... but just now I looked again and realized the pattern only said 54". I haven't the foggiest notion where I got 74" from. I would blame the fact that I've been sick and not thinking straight with all the medications... but I've been thinking it was 74" for a couple weeks now! But it's 67" plus fringe and it's staying that way!!

And just for Suna, here's a close-up of the stitches where you can see the combined color strands.

Tomorrow it's back to the concert sweater! Happy Crafting - Dragonfly


Suna said...

Well, at least that's a dumb mistake in good company--I have memorized a totally random number myself, and in a recent project, too.

The colors look great--thanks for my close-up!

Kelly said...

That's beautiful!

My mom always give an afghan as a wedding gift. Some people appreciated them, some grew to love them later.

My mom ended up making all of us an afghan. I got a beautiful one for my high school graduation. I had no idea she was even making it. It's made with wool so I don't use it here much but I love to look at it. Perhaps part of her knew she wouldn't be here for my wedding one day.

Ok, I started to ramble. Who ever receives it will be very lucky indeed!

Chelsea said...

You did a great job!