Friday, October 12, 2007

Sweater start

I want to put a clever title to this blog but I have nothing in mind.

First, I have knit 5 inches of son's concert sweater. Being bulky it's going pretty quickly. Had to include Tiger because he's cute.

Part of my instructions don't make sense to me but I'm hoping that they will when I get there or I can get help at that point. Also, totally worried that I'm going to run short of yarn (it's Knit Picks Decadence in Winter Berry and they are not carrying this anymore). I actually emailed someone at Ravelry that has this yarn in a different dye lot. I don't know if that's rude or not but I pleaded my case.

Notice on the left I have added "Blogging Without Obligation". Suna mentioned this and I love the idea of not feeling guilty when there's not time to blog. Click on the button and you'll see the original idea.

In other news... work kind of sucks but next week I get to move back to the corporate office to sit near friends and the all-day coffee bar so I guess it balances. Or at least I can tell myself that *laugh*

Dating is going very well. I think he's crazy for hanging out with son and I and enjoying himself but it's a good crazy and works in my favor *grin* (and to my amazement, he knows about ball winders and umbrella swifts... he calls them the "ball maker spinny thing" and the "big loop holder spinny thing" but he knows what they are!)

I'm loving Ravelry and so glad Melly invited me!

Ok, off to roll another ball of yarn for the sweater, by hand since I don't have a ball maker spinny thing....

Happy Knitting! - DFly


Chelsea said...

Yay for guys that know what ball winders and swifts are!! Josh is learning. I am happy for you!

Coffee is always a good thing. I hope work gets better.

Kelly said...

Happy is good. :)

Now he knows what to get you for Christmas.. a ball winder thingie! :)

Tiger is cute! I am missing my Neelix these days.

Anonymous said...

Of coarse you didn't think to BRING your yarn to Mom's house, who has both the ball winder thingie and umbrella holder thingie.....