Saturday, October 6, 2007


Thanks to Melly, I've now got a Ravelry account! I got my profile updated and added a couple friends but I haven't added projects or stash info since I'm not at home to do a thorough job of it. I'm pretty excited about it though! I feel like I'm in this super clique.

Haven't started knitting the sweater yet, a little chicken, I have to admit. Partially because of the sweater and partially because I'll be using really yummy alpaca which is better than what I usually use.

Mom gave me a knitting machine this weekend, have to try that out too if I can find room away from my thumbkins kitty, Tiger. (who is doing very well)

Tiger came with us to visit his brother kitty this weekend at my parents' house. At first they were hesitant about each other but then they've been playing hard. (and crashing anywhere like Cami's Eli)

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