Thursday, November 8, 2007

just an update...

trying to knit but messing up. Had a stupid circular mistake where I twisted the stitches and realized after several rows that I was knitting a Mobius strip and not the actual article I wanted to be knitting. Plus I just feel exhausted lately and knitting (or anything just hasn't been happening)

Dating life is still going well except for not being able to see each other often. This weekend is no better because I think I'm going to my parents to work on my car. That's if my car parts come which is hard to say because according to UPS, they've been "out for delivery" in San Marco, CA since Tuesday morning. But the expected delivery date is still tomorrow. *sigh*

Career is... interesting. Started looking at jobs external to my company. Had an interview today that went really well. I'm not sure if I want the job but I'm feeling pretty good about myself and my opportunities. Have a few other things in the works so we'll see how it goes. But at the same time, it's part of the general exhaustion. Even good things can be tiring.

Oh, and the hamster died today. I would love to say that son & I were serious and sad, but it was more of "ewww, you touch him" "no you" "it's your hamster" "you're the mom" "yeah so, he's still your hamster" "he's really gross and kind of flat and he stinks" "dumpster?" "dumpster!". So we are not in mourning, even if we should be. We didn't expect him to live even this long, he had something weird going on with him.

I'll try to write more often!!



camillaknits said...

OmG... leave your job? I'd just gotten used to the shock value registering on people's faces when I told them about my M'wakee knitta. You're practically legend here, ya know. so, dead hamster. Ugh. And neither of the cats were responsible? Hmmmm. Ours died from a raisin, and a propane leak, respectively. We stopped after the two tragic deaths. I'm a total crank today, so I'm glad to see you'd posted recently... something entertaining to read while here at the shop, on what has to be the deadest day in Clementine's history. It's pouring down rain, so I'm going to go knit. Hope all is well with you/yourn/and the 'cah' (I love dropping the r off things lately... can you tell I'm deadly bored???)

melly~ said...

mobius = BAD!
I wanna meet you when you fly south!