Wednesday, June 27, 2007

posting to post

my blog feels lonely not being posted to but I've got nothing! As of this point, I've cast on the waste yarn for the Invisibility Shawl and gotten no further. Today's "free time" of an hour was spent doing homework for a class we are taking at work. If only they would accept me knitting at work as a way to get creative juices flowing.

Ok, I have exactly 40 minutes of possible knitting time if I can get son into shower so I'm going to keep the blog short and try to see if I can make a tiny bit of progress. (the problem with starting now, is that I'm a morning person and my brain stops functioning properly about 8:30 and is only good for repetitive tasks, so maybe I'll be good for the garter rows....)

happy knitting or frogging. (I saw poor Mickey's lesson today)


Added at 9:30ish since there weren't any comments yet anyway....
got two rows of garter stitch done. How sad is that? Fought with the first one because it seemed tight and stitches didn't want to slide down the needle so I could make more stitches. But next row was better. Unfortunately between "get in the bath" and then later "ok, get out of the bath" (why I have to nag on both sides of that is unknown to me) I ended up with probably 20 minutes and most of that was fighting with the first row. I feel so pathetic!



LotusKnits said...

No worries! You're going to get there! Promise.

Chelsea said...

Those first rows are sometimes hard to get past. I sneak in knitting time whenever I can. I get up a little early so I can have a few minutes before I go to work.

knitter in the desert said...

I knit in the morning too before work! Watch the weather channel....usually get a row or two but they add up!

Dragonfly said...

I get up at 6:10, by 6:20 I get son up, by 6:55 we are leaving. No time for knitting in there.

got a few more rows done. all garter and first lace row. I keep thinking I messed up because I ended up with 5 knits at the end of the row, not 4, but I have the correct number of stitches left... but brain is shut off now and not going to try to do more until I'm fresh again.

camillaknits said...

Hey, you coming up for air yet? you ARE staying out of office and camping at Starbucks today instead, right? I decided NOT to frog my nearly six pathetic inches of knitting, as I can't bear to begin again. I'll just k2tog somewhere (border) and start fresh... what are the odds anyone will notice? C-knitty