Thursday, June 21, 2007


Ok, we are making cookies right now and I can totally smell them so that's what's on my mind! And I didn't knit today, no time and now I'm tired and will screw up anything I try.

First.... I forgot to mention that the post yesterday was for a contest that LotusKnitter is having. See my link to her on my blog list to the left. Posting on your own blog your first finished item or telling your next (not yet on the needles) item gets you an entry to win THE most beautiful yarn dyed by Lotus. Details are at her site!
Ok on to today. Today I was blog jumping, going from one person's blog to others because I liked the comments they left or someone else thought they were cool enough to have highlighted as a favorite. It was rather fun! I had not really paid much attention to blogs aside from Yarn Harlot until very recently.

So what did I learn today?
  1. Other people will come and visit and post comments. Hi Melly, hope the finger is better soon!!
  2. In Knitting Daily newsletter there is a preview of what will be in Spin Off magazine (Interweave) and there is going to be a GORGEOUS "water shawl"
  3. That there is a reason to have multiple WIP so you have options for in the car, tv watching, detailed work and socks.... I'm not ready to have two things on the needles yet as I'm a little obsessive at the moment but I'm getting there...
  4. That Knitters seem to always have cats posted somewhere on their blog.
  5. You CAN knit a giant glove.
  6. That I can spend a lot of time reading previous posts and hopping!

In answer to posted question from Cami... erpabeepa = Enterprise Resource Planning Business Process Architect. Too much to write, say or explain ;-)

Because I feel like I must post something knitted related. This was an early item too. Purse for my sister as a Christmas present. She and my mom added the medallion to help keep the flap closed. (pattern was from Klutz book which is how I taught myself the basics of knitting before I started hovering around the knitting section of Borders)

Good evening! I'm off to retrieve cookies! - Dragonfly


camillaknits said...

Stalker Cami here... gotta be up early, but I'm so relieved you cleared up that erpbeepa thing... I was so worried. Tomorrow (okay, later today, when the sun is up) i will scope out some of the pretties. Must sleep now. G'night, erpbeepa. Thinking about shawls and the knitalong invisibility shawl. (Hey, i got an e-mail from KAY Gardiner today...) how weird is that? A "Mason-Dixon" reply. I've gotta go faint... Cami

LotusKnits said...

Interesting job title you got there! Hehe. Sounds like it might be fun.

What kind of cookies did you make us? Hmmm?

Dragonfly said...

Ultimate chocolate chip. I feel I should mention that my idea of baking is to take the precooked squares out of the fridge, stick them on a pan and put them in the oven. Two reasons for this (1) I'm just not much for the kitchen (2) there are two of us and we can eat an entire batch of cookies in a day regardless of batch size. Squares mean we only bake a couple at a time.

Chelsea said...

It's Fetching from Summer 2006 Knitty. They are really easy and fast to make.

Suna said...

Hi there--see, I went and found your blog, too! I must say that giant glove also impressed me a LOT. Don't let the blogs suck you in!!! (They are fun, though, and I am glad I have time to read and write in them now.)

Marigold said...

Hi! I saw your blog from camillaknits' blog...see, more people will visit :) I like your list of things learned; yes, for some unknown reason, knitters really like cats.

Dragonfly said...

or cats really like knitters ;-)