Monday, June 25, 2007

golf and more sock info

Golf first. To begin with, I don't normally golf. Someone at work decided it woud be a good team building exercise for our new team. Good news... golf was fun, I didn't hurt myself or anyone else. turns out there are only two guys that are good. a couple that can whack really far. a couple really bad ones and two of us that tended to take the "not as far but it's straight down the green" approach. (Thank you to good friend for telling me to work on accuracy and not distance) Once I found a set of three clubs I was comfortable with, those are what I stuck with (one for teeing off, one for the fairway and then the putter) We actually used my ball several times because it tended not to end up in the water or the trees. My goal was pretty much to have the ball go generally where I was aiming and not embarrass myself in the process. At this I feel successful.

Slightly sunburnt where I didn't quite reach the sunblock spray. got color elsewhere but it doesn't look/feel like a burn yet in most places. We'll see tonight.

Drank a ton. 4 propels and 3 water refills of an empty propel bottle. Feeling that a bit now.

Ok on to the sock. Thanks to everyone for helpful hints. Definitely going to follow that heel stitch!!

(1) Not a pizza box,just cardboard. Over time I've discovered that cardboard doesn't bounce the flash back at me or cause the camera to focus on some piece of junk in the background. So several pictures of knitting or castle (I'll have to post castle here at some point) will be on cardboard.
(2) Yarn is Mandarin Petit by SandnesGarn from Norway (
(3) Suggested gauge is 27 stitches to 10cm on size 3 (I don't know if that's US or not)
(4) My expected gauge was 9.3st/in. Now important thing that I just remembered earlier today, my geeky thing and first several rounds were done on bamboo needles. So the 84 stitches I cast on were probably close to the 9 inches which leads to...
(5) When I switched to aluminum because the bamboo had too much drag, gauge moved very slightly to 8.8st/in. Causing the sock to be 9.5 inches. Just enough to be baggy. Plus I probably could have adjusted my sock to be just a tad snugger anyway.

Interestingly my ankle and foot are really close to the same size. Assuming I had been stitching the right size, I would only have decreased another 2 stitches.

Hopefully will have Charmed Knits tomorrow. Oh and if you have "The Knitting Answer Book" by Margaret Radcliffe there is a better explanation of the provincial cast on (she also calls it the crocheted cast on). I'll look later and see if I can find a good online reference.

Doing this from blackberry so no pictures today. Also if this posts funky, that's probably why.



Kelly said...

I have never played golf. For some reason, I am usually allowed around long metal sticks and progectiles.

The projects sound fun! I am getting the itch to crochet again!

Dragonfly said...

hmmmmm... going to guess that's usually NOT allowed *grin*

to be honest, games that have sticks and balls are usually really bad for me. Pool, baseball, golf, croquet.... I don't have a good grasp on making the stick an extension of myself and hitting the ball with it.

camillaknits said...

I love that you GOLF... I'd definately love to go to a driving range and just bash out my frustrations some days. I'd stink at a real game though; I'd probably cheat if I was getting my a** kicked. Thanks for the helpful heads up on the cast on... but I foiled the problem by buying size 19 (say it with me... w.o.w.) needles for the cast on and bind off. Feeling very sassy and full of myself tonight(see your sister's blog) hope you are well. Does it make me weird that I was sad for sock, NOT getting to sit on a pizza box? Cami

LotusKnits said...

I feel like I'm being knit-picky (har), and sorry if I am, but did you maybe mean that your gauge should have been 37 st/4 inches and not 27? Cause at 27 st/4 inches your gauge should have been 6.75 which is very different from 9.25 st/in.

Right? Now I'm confusing myself.

Dragonfly said...

No, I just forgot to mention that I used size US 2 needles, not the size 3 the manufacturer recommended. And I knit tightly so it made sense to me that I got more stitches per inch than what they said on the wrapper. (plus, it was printed in Norway, and I'm still not sure they meant US size size 3)

camillaknits said...

can we agree to lead the pack on using mm instead of US sizes, because I find myself avoiding patterns listing needle sizes in US only (the psychology of why 0 vs. 2mm is too lengthy to dissect here)and don't even get me started on English sizing (which I should be totally okay with, Anglophile that I am) But my size 3.25mm, a US size 3, are infact a size 11 in jolly olde England. You have no idea how much that upsets me.

p.s. I my defense, I do not toture animals, as Bill's (aka Boris's)blog would suggest... I merely nuzzle then till they can't take it anymore. I let them loose, and turn into a human snot/hive factory the rest of the day. And I'm a really good shot. And I had to be in boys 4-H; I was a Buena Vista 'Beaver'... stop that sniggering... *wink* Cami

Chelsea said...

I have never golfed before. It sounds like you did well.

If it makes you feel better, my first pair socks, both of them, are too tight. Definitely try the sideways sock. You only need to do basic increases and decreases and a lot of kitchener to finish it off. It's also going really quickly.

Dragonfly said...

This was my second time golfing, ever. And the first time was at least 4 years ago. The plus is that we were playing "best ball" so all of us got to pick up our balls and take them to the "best" postion.

Totally on board with going to millimeter sizing. The more I think about it, the more I think that they really meant a UK size 3. In fact, I am considering creating a new geeky thing using UK sizing just to test the theory.

Buena Vista "beaver" *choke laugh snort giggle*

camillaknits said...

Mailed your yarn out today; enclosed a little extra (okay, 3 skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton) so's you'll keep commenting on sad, lonely blog. *pout* Off to see progress on shop. Hard to envision a real store with all the dusty bits right now. Later, muh knitta. Cami

Dragonfly said...

extra yarn, happy dance! According to UPS, my Charmed Knits book was delivered today. I may have to wait until tonight to see it though. Depends on traffic.

knitter in the desert said...

So amused by the commenting b/t you and the other logs.....