Friday, June 22, 2007

loading up on pepsi....

Ok, I had every intention of knitting today. My son is at a friend's house tonight, this seemed perfect time for knitting. However, when I dropped him off, I started getting caught up in conversation with my friend and ended up having an awesome dinner and great company. It was a perfect evening.

But now, I'm planning to suck down some diet pepsi because I really want to knit and watch What Not to Wear. And now that Cami has convinced me to participate in the Invisibility Shawl KAL, I've got to get at least ONE sock done so I can keep my Knitter title! I've got a couple days before my Charmed Knits book gets here. If you want to participate too go to

Ok, things I learned today:
  1. If you ask a fellow knitter for a pattern they used on something you adore, they'll send it! (Thank you Chelsea!!)
  2. is a great website, esp if you realize there are links on the top nav bar. (yes, I'm embarassed I didn't realize they were there)
  3. That really thin yarn is lace yarn. (*sigh* more embarassed on this one... )

Ok, less typing and more knitting!



camillaknits said...

download the monkey sock from knitty. I've had the pattern copied off for literally MONTHS and have procrastinated and as soon as KAL comes off needles I am 1.) starting a quilt of really retina burning fabrics; Kaffe Fassett all the way! and
2.) knitting those damn MONKEYS!
there. i feel better now. as you were, citizen. Cami

camillaknits said...

I tried to send you an e-mail and couldn't get past the sloppy-letter-verification. to answer quesh about needles, US size 7 and 10. whew. I'm pissed about the e-mail... it was a chatty one too. maybe later i'll retry. just don't try to use clover needles for the lace KAL. You want slick and POINTY for this little job. Pointy is probably the most important factor...Cami