Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Why of the Wonky

Once upon a time I made the Wonky Blanket. It has bugged me a lot trying to figure out why mine came out so weird when everyone else has no issues. Now, when I first started the blanket, I didn't want to carry things around so I drew out a picture of the blanket and put the stitch and row numbers on it and only had that with me. This means, I didn't really look too much at the pattern beyond that first time.

A few weeks ago I finally went back to the instructions to figure it out. Well here's an important lesson.... there's a very big difference between "Knit 36 garter ridges" and "Knit 36 garter rows". In garter stitch, a ridge is two rows. I was counting rows, not ridges. This also explains why mine was coming out so much smaller that I had to add color blocks.....

At least the mystery is solved



drey said...

ROFL, DFly! Don't worry, I've done that, albeit with crochet. Ever try to make something that's supposed to be round, be round, when it's kinda wanting to be loopy? =)

Suna said...

I can remember doing that, myself, when reading some Elizabeth Zimmerman instructions.

And I am glad the baby hat went over well, too.