Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kreative Awards, Socks and Crazy Hair

I've been sick this last week so I'm more behind on blogging than usual. I normally don't feel bad about this but it means I was behind on this first announcement.

Suna nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. I felt honored and special, but I'm especially intrigued because while Suna and I have never met, I feel like she's a part of my life and I'm a little part of hers. Reading about her life, knitting and otherwise, I find her a wonderful warm and inventive person. If it was possible to do tag-backs, she would be on my nomination list. But since she can't be, the rules say I should nominate other creative types. From what I've seen these are mostly knitters but I'm bending the rules a bit.

First, I'd like to nominate MojaveSis, my sister. She's truly my best friend even if she lives too far away. She is a creative spirit who found her calling in the desert. She is a passionate person with a stubborn streak that lets her do anything she's made a plan for.

Next is Apryl, another woman I may never "meet" in the conventional sense (although I have a better chance since she lives on the other side of the lake). Over the past year we have come to share our daily lives and troubles. I find inspiration in her courage and daily fights. This is a woman who loves her family beyond all else.

This next one stretches the rules a bit but I don't care, I find them both to be creative in their own ways. Lee, husband of the aforementioned Suna, has a great way of viewing the world. Lee always has a way of making me think just a little harder about things going on. His care and love of Suna and the boys is heart-warming.

My last one is an honorable mention since she doesn't have a blog that I can point to. She is my mom, I've never met a more creative person. This is a woman who can turn scraps of fabric into a beautiful quilt wall hanging, pieces of quill paper into a little garden room, makes beautiful doll dresses, rescues damaged goods and generally can do just about anything. She also is very supportive of all our own creative endeavors.

Here are the rules for the nominees:

1. Copy the award to your site.
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate (8) other bloggers (obviously I didn't nominate 8 so nominate what feels right to you).
4. Link to those on your blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated.

Now to the socks..... Apryl, dyed special yarn for me, which I've posted before, but I'm very excited to announce that the second sock is completed!

Right after rinsing these in Soak, I put them on the blockers to help them dry and they were promptly claimed.

I just had to post these, it was Crazy Hat and Hair Day at son's school. It's the last Crazy Hair day of elementary school.


Gina said...

Great hair!!! My school colors were red, white and blue also!

It may be the last funky hair day of elementary school... High school spirit week gets better!!!

Suna said...

The hair was so fun! Of course, my kids have crazy hair every day.

And thanks for the nice stuff you said about me (and Lee). I love how blogging brings people together and provides a window into their lives.

Those socks are very fun, too!!

knitter in the desert said...

Aaawwweee.... me love my sister...

Man I got tagged by two bloggers...need to get crackin on my bloggin!