Saturday, February 21, 2009

Food For Thought #5

No, you didn't miss #4 here, I didn't do it, I was behind and it was Valentine's themed which doesn't do much for this single gal right now. But you can see Lee's post on #4 here.

#5 is is about traveling abroad

Appetizer: Have you ever travelled outside your native country?


Soup: What's the farthest from home you have ever ventured?

Funny, when I lived in California, the farthest I had traveled was to Wisconsin. Now living in Wisconsin, the farthest I travel is to California.

Salad: Do you plan to travel abroad any time in the future, however long it may be? If so, where?

I have absolutely no plans to travel abroad.

Entré: What would deter you most, fear of being targeted as an American, the security considerations of your on nation, or something else?

At this point, security is not deterring me, budget and life are doing that. Because of this, I haven't seriously thought about whether or not the security concerns would prevent me from traveling. I think it would depend on where I was going.

Dessert: If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you most want to go?

Ireland or Australia. Both are places that fascinate me. My Dad went to Australia when I was a kid. I remember reading up on it at that time and I've wanted to go ever since. Ireland looks absolutely beautiful, wonderful castles and rich heritage.

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Lee said...

I like the reversal in the Soup question.