Saturday, August 4, 2007

Knitting again....

Haven't done much knitting lately because it's been 90+ degrees and too hot to think about shawls or gloves or anything like that. Today though I did start knitting a shawl. for my grandmother for Christmas. (Mom, if you are reading, don't let her know!)

It's a pattern from Lion Brand. Homespun Diamond Knit Shawl in Barrington. The color in my picture is more accurate than the Barrington picture on Lion Brand site. Purple with random yellow and turquoise running through. It's about 6" tall right now (just to give an idea of size)

In other news, we have updated pictures of Tiger the Kitten from Mojave Sis. We think he's a boy. Doesn't he have a pretty face? The kitties are still generally living under Sis' bed so that's the reason for the odd angle on the second one. She's got more pictures of the other kitties and Tiger playing, I'm guessing eventually she'll post.

Happy Knitting!


P.S. Working on HP7, on page 691 so getting close. Actually I'm so close that I almost don't want to finish because then it will be done. :-(

P.S.2 I keep meaning to post this link that Kelly passed on to me. Girl knits Ferrari...

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