Thursday, August 9, 2007

Small post

When knitting the knucks, you knit each finger individually first. As I finished the last one, I realized to my dismay that after knitting the thumb, I proceeded to knit the fingers all one size smaller than they were supposed to be. I was so mad at myself! I was having a frustrated day anyway so I took it harder than normal. A good friend though reminded me that knitting angry would put bad vibes in son's Christmas present and I needed to calm down. So after realizing that the thumb was ok, one of the fingers was actually the right side to be a pinky... I had to re-knit three of them. That's what I have done now. (trying to knit in secret in little apartment, is not easy!!)

Eventually, I'll email pictures. I don't want to post the knucks because I'm worried that son will see and figure it out. He won't read the blog, but pictures catch his attention.

In other news, Tiger is having trouble getting home which makes me sad. Mojave Sis is working every angle she has but there are some issues with getting to the airport from her home. Apparently Greyhound, inappropriately named for a dog, does not allow animals on board and Greyhound was vital to the whole plan. We aren't sure what this means to our new addition yet, but it's not looking too good.

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Chelsea said...

I hope you get tiger soon!