Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rough day

I wanted to post today in detail about the knucks, the shawl and our new buildable couch. Instead, today kind of sucked. Some parts were good but it started with waking to a leg cramp, continued with my cup holder breaking and dumping entire latte all over the car and ending with my car dying and needing to call a tow truck for rescue. Plus we dropped off car at mechanic and walked home. (not bad, about 15 minutes). Tired, crabby, sweaty and generally in a bad mood at the moment. And the walk home made the leg hurt again.

So briefly.... first knuck (fingerless glove) is going really well for working on it in secret. I think it will be done in another 4 hours or so. Second one should be lots faster because I won't be fighting to figure out what a few of the directions mean. (not bad at all, just hard looking up questions on a blackberry in the parking lot of the strip mall).

Shawl is going pretty well, I'm on the 4th repeat of the pattern. (total of 10 repeats, every other row increases). Mostly been working on the gloves when I have time to knit because I need to do them in secret while I still have opportunities.

we got a really neat buildable couch from Home Reserve. Attaching two pictures. You get the wood pieces, build them together, kind of like a puzzle. Then you get the cushions and fabric. We got the pet fabric because it was the most durable. Picture looks blue but it's really a very tan couch. I blame the lighting at 11pm. (we built into the night on Monday)

Hoping Cami's first day went great! Looking forward to future offerings from Lotus which may include cotton (crossing my fingers, so excited!). Hoping Kelly had an awesome day, she knows why ;-)
Generally hoping everyone else's day went lots better than mine!! - Dfly


camillaknits said...

Hey, cool sofa! It looks like it wouldn't even take a 'whole lot' of swearing to assemble... but I'd probably throw some in anyway, just 'cuz it seems like the sort of thing you're supposed to do when building something, along with hitching up your pants. I guess I watched too many episodes of "one Day at a Time" when I was a kid. *ick* Gotta go get littlest dude down for the night. Hope your leg is feeling better (drink milk/take calcium at bedtime... helps loads) and that the car repair wasn't major. Type at you soon! *knitta hug* Cami

melly~ said...

ok that couch? freakin' amazing! and the shawl is coming along nicely. Knit on...