Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rough week continues... and shawl update

The car issues continue. Monday (was that only yesterday?) the car would start but would not go. Had to have it towed to another mechanic that specializes in imports. Yesterday they could not work on it. Today they looked at it and it turns out that my ignition coil and whatever module it's attached to has been damaged. It needs those replaced and the plugs & wires. $800 later and that part is repaired enough that my car can run, so that tomorrow they can figure out why my battery has been dying. not really having $800 lying around, I have a very good friend to thank for a loan. If you are reading this, you know who you are, and I am forever grateful!!!

New job issues appeared on Friday. The project I was on has been postponed. It is believed it is a good project but needs to be delayed while other things are concentrated on. This means that those of us on the project have to find positions within the company. Everyone will have a job and there will be no salary changes so that part is good, but it's a little weird being in flux for the moment. However this means that in a few weeks, I may no longer be an erpbeepa which makes me a bit sad.

Knucks.... well, I would love to say that they at least were going well. However after having the first one almost complete I noticed it didn't look quite right. Turns out that I never checked my gauge and it was too small. So I ripped it out and I haven't had a chance to restart it. (they are done in secret and I've been missing my secret time).

Shawl, finally good news! It's progressing nicely, I'm on the 5th repeat. I believe I will need 10 repeats so in a sense, I'm halfway. It's about 15" high and about 26" wide at the top.

Oh, and the shawl is on the couch and you can get a much better visual of the couch color. It really is tan! I need to find a better background for the shawl though, you can't see the diamonds very well.

Happy knitting, hope your days are smoother than mine! -Dfly

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