Sunday, July 29, 2007


Kelly told me this interesting fact today. If you search for ERP BPA in Google, about half way down, you find my blog profile! I'm greatly amused by this! Go search for it! (I want to see if we can make my results higher on the list *grin*)

Now, since the reason she found this out is because she was trying to figure out what in the world I do... I've decided to add a quick explanation.

ERP = enterprise resource planning. Wikipedia explains better than I could.
BPA = business process architect. Basically working to map out and improve processes within my company. I am one of many erpbeepas in the company.

knitting note: my mom got me sweater yarn in a different dye lot so I'll be starting it over. I wasn't very far anyway since we did no knitting during vacation. (well, a tiny bit on plane to Vegas but that was it) originally I only had 10 skeins of yarn and I figure I need at least 14 and there was no way to get the extra 4 in the same lot, so she ordered a whole batch so now I have what I need in a single lot. She also got me yarn for a christmas present for son.

and promised picture of geodes, the one on the left is half of the fractured one. The other half went to my mom from my son. The story is that it cracked during compression, mineral waters got into it and then it finished compressing. The other two halves go together, they have white "phantoms". The one has a pencil cross-hairs because the woman was explaining how to polish them and she said when you've removed the pencil, you know you got all the quadrants.


knitter in the desert said...

and if you do the search now--this blog shows up above your profile!

Kelly said...

Oh cool, this entry shows up above your profile!

You are very popular or it's a slow day for the rest of the "ERP BPA".

I kinda figured out in my mind what you do. For instance, let's talk about my favorite thing, me! :)

I have to go to 3 places to do my billing. Open up the billing program, where we keep insurance info and then the patient info.

You,in your infinite wisdom, would find a way to smoothly incorporate all of those processes into one place to do my job efficiently.

Kelly said...

Now you are three entries down from the top!

Hmm time to go public with this with the "list". I didnt want to out you.. or sho how ignorant I am of business names. :)

camillaknits said...

hey, erpbeepa, s'up? just checking in. it's nearly midnight here, so I should NOT be typing. Hope all is good with you. p.s. the new kitten is cute, but I hear Eartha Kitt's voice saying 'is that my voice?' every time I look at the pic. Could be trouble... like the peeing in your shoe trouble. You gotta watch those cute ones... Cami