Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fetching complete

Fetching gloves are done.

Spent part of today finishing them up and then packing for upcoming trip. Having mixed feelings about the trip. Very excited to see my sister and her new kitties. But there is a personal reason for the trip that's making me a bit uneasy. Plus I get to be a nervous wreck before vacations anyway. It's not logical but I'm packing several days in advance with an extensive list and I'm still convinced I'm forgetting something! So lately I'm going to pictures sis sent and reminding myself that there are kittens on the other end. (and places like Walmart)

Oh, and I think I've figured out my next project, the sweater. Planning on doing a ribbed version. I knit up several inches and found something I really like the look of. Found some needles today that are theoretically airport friendly.

Very tired today... so sad, son is away, and I'm planning to spend my Saturday evening sleeping soon!

Happy Knitting to all and to all a Good Night... - Dfly


knitter in the desert said...

nice manicure....goes well with the glove

camillaknits said...

nicely done, muh knittah! C-knitty

Kelly said...

Ha! We are such women. I noticed her nails right after I saw the glove. Goes nicely indeed!

Have fun on your trip. Don't feel bad about sleeping on Saturday night. When I am home alone, I find myself going to bed early. It's relazing!

Dragonfly said...

Ok, now here's the kicker... I picked that color because it would go with the gloves! I'm so excited people noticed!

Ok, even though I was tired and had intention of sleeping, I started doing things and stayed up late instead. And I've got the migraine to go with it. (happens every time I stay up late)

knitter in the desert said...

How did we get so girly?....oh well